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How to calculate the living area of ​​the apartment

How to calculate the living area of ​​the apartment

The legislation meets the definition of this parameter only the dwelling, as the total area.

This is understandable, since this parameter appears in the calculations for the services of housing and communal services.

But when it comes to the application of standards for housing for social rent agreement, it is required to determine the living area of ​​the apartment.

What is included in the determination of living space

In determining the total area of ​​the apartmentCurrently, balconies, loggias and verandas are not counted. But it includes not only the size of rooms, kitchen, toilet, bathroom and corridor, but also pantries, closets and the space occupied by interfloor staircase, the apartment is located on two levels.
The only reference to the concept of "living space"found in the "Instructions on carrying out accounting of the housing stock in the Russian Federation" approved by Order Minzemstroya №37 from 04.08.1998, the living room, according to this document, the term is defined as all dwellings in the apartment net area of ​​built-in cabinets if they are located in living rooms. Terraces, verandas and balconies adjacent to the living room, the calculation also does not take into account.
Although the living area and not often found inDescription of the apartment, it is an important indicator. After all, even with fairly large total area of ​​the apartments in it could be too crowded because of the large number of outbuildings. It is therefore important to define precisely the living area, to calculate how spacious this apartment will be for all family members.

How to define the living space

If you're holding has a technical passportapartments, which necessarily must be accompanied by an explication of the premises with an indication of exact size, you can take advantage of it. In addition, the data sheet should be a table which contains the area of ​​all premises in accordance with the numbering for explication. Fold the area of ​​all residential rooms and subtract the sum of the areas built-in cabinets, if any. The result is a living area of ​​this apartment.
In the case where the technical certificate underhand is not simply measure the length and width of the living rooms with a tape. The area of ​​each room is determined by multiplying the length by the width, and the living area of ​​the apartment - as the sum of the areas of all habitable rooms.
It will be difficult to calculate the living area, ifRooms do not have a rectangular or square shape. But there is a solution. To do this, draw a plan for each room, not respecting the exact proportions. But all niches and projections available to it, it is imperative to reflect on this plane. Measure the length of the adjacent wall, the length and width of the projections, the length and depth of the niches, marked on the plan. Determine the area of ​​each projection and each niche. Of the total area of ​​the room, subtract the sum of the areas of all peaks and add the sum of the areas of all niches.

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