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How to calculate the insurance part of pensions

Be careful when calculating the insurance part of their pension

In 2002 the government launched a new reform to radically change the system of calculating pensions.

To understand it is quite difficult.

But people who are 20-30 years old will experience the results of this law, it is important to know on what basis will calculate the insurance part of pensions.



For the calculation of the insurance part of the pension must beknow the total experience, monthly salary, separately until 2002 and beyond. Under the seniority refers to the period during which the person was carried out activities from which income shall pay pension contributions (from 8 to 14%).


Take a citizen Pronin, 45 years old, has worked for 25 years. His salary until 2002 was 2,000 rubles, and after - 5000 rubles.


To calculate insurance part pensions, it is necessary to know what the general pensionPronin amount earned before 2002, ie before the reform. To receive a pension in full in Russia, a man must work through 25 years, and women 20. During this experience relies 55% of salary in respect of future pension. With this information, we get a first rate calculation - 0.55.


To get the second factor, it is necessary to divide the salary for 2 years prior to the reform of the average salary in the country (at the time it was 1492 rubles.) (2000-2001.):
2000: 1492 = 1.34
But according to the law, the ratio of earnings should be less than 1.2. this figure will be the 2nd components of the formula calculations.


Factor 1.2 multiply by the denominator of the thirdformula - the average wage level in the country for the third quarter of 2001. According to the adopted law, it amounted to 1671 rubles. Ashamed with the first value, a formula is obtained:
0.55 * 1.2 * 1671 = 1102 rubles.


From the resulting amount is deducted size of the basic pension for early 2002. It is 450 rubles.
1102 - 450 = 652rub.


The resulting number is multiplied by the expected period of pension payments. He is 19 years or 228 months.
652 * 228 = 148,852 rubles.
This is the amount of the pension capital earned before 2002.


The total pension capital indexed. coefficient of 1.3 was adopted in 2002. So, I earned capital to be increased by 1.3:
148 852 * 1.3 = 193 507 rubles.


The next part pension capital will be considered from 2002, when the salary is increased to 5000. During this period the employer was paying to the pension fund 14% of salary. On insurance part It assumed 12%. So in 2002 the pension capital Pronin was:
5000 * 0.12 * 12 months. = 7200 rubles.


After the entry into force of the reform Pronin will continue to operate for another 15 years. Accordingly, the amount of the insurance will increase.
7200 * 15 = 108 000 rubles.


Let's calculate how much will be the total capital to earn as Reform, and after it:
193 507 + 108 000 = 301 507 rubles.


To calculate the monthly insurance partIt is necessary to divide the total capital in the period of the alleged payments.
301 507: 228 = 1322 rubles.
This will be the insurance part pensions.


If seniority is calculated after takingreform, should be considered under the new rules: the average salary multiplied by the pension contribution rate and 12 months. The resulting sum is multiplied by the number of years of service.

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