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How to calculate the ideal weight for women

How to calculate the ideal weight for women

Every woman wants to have an ideal weight.

This not only makes it attractive, but also protect against diseases associated with excess weight.

The simplest method to calculate the normal weight is considered to be the formula of Broca.

To calculate the ideal weight, you can use and improved formula Brock-Brukshta.

You will need

  • Measuring tape, calculator, paper, pencil.



Measure exactly its growth. To do this, become the back against the wall, straighten up. Heels and the blade should be pushed to the wall. Do not ride up and do not lower your head. Putting on his head something flat (eg, a book), secure it. Tick. Remember that your growth can be reduced by the evening of 1 cm.


The formula Brock-Brukshta M = P-100- (P-100) / 10, where M - is the perfect the weightAnd P - value growth in cm, substitute the value of his height in cm.
Example: if your height is 160 cm, the formula would look like M = 160-100- (160-100) / 10 = 54 kg


Enter this calculation correction for growth. So to give an increase to 155 cm from the value of P in the formula should not subtract 100 and 95. The formula would look like this:
M = R-95- (R-95) / 10
For women, the growth of 155cm-165cm, subtract the value of P 100 and the basic formula remains unchanged:
M P = 100- (P-100) / 10
For women with the growth of 165-175 cm, P subtract 105. The formula is as follows:
M P = 105- (P-105) / 10.
And if your height is more than 175 cm, it will be deducted from the value P 110. Counting the lead according to the formula:
M P = 110- (P-110) / 10


You can more accurately calculate the ideal value the weightand considering your body type. If you are the owner of asthenic (tonkokostnoe) body type can reduce the resulting value by 10%. When giperstenicheskom (boned) body type you need the resulting value of the ideal the weightand add 10%.

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