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How to calculate water flow


How to calculate water flow</a>

Payment for utility services is one of the essential items of expenditure in every modern family.

One of the services provided by the housing and communal services is the supply of cold and hot water.

As a rule, citizens try to control the charging for this service, and for this it is necessary to be able to correctly calculate the flow of water.



If the apartment has an individualCounter, the flow of water is considered according to its indications, based on the established tariffs. For example, for cold water the tariff is 11 rubles. 80 kop. For 1 m3, for hot - 57 rubles. 51 kop. For 1 m3.


If there is a counter on the house, then the general testimonyCounter are divided into the number of registered residents with a preliminary deduction of the indications of individual apartment counters (who they have) and water costs for public needs (watering lawns and stuff). However, if your monthly water discharge per person exceeds 11 m3, then most likely the house meter is faulty, because it is physically impossible.


In other cases (in the absence of any water meter), the water flow is calculated according to the tariff derived from Expenditure On one officially living (registered)Family member. Given the category of the house, it can vary in such limits: for cold water - from 51 rubles. 76 cop. Up to 116 rubles. 34 copecks, for hot - from 168 rubles. 16 kop. (In the houses of the hotel type) to 272 rubles. 990 cop. Per person.


At this point in the receipt provided toPayment for water supply, three columns are allocated: for the supply of hot and cold water and for its diversion (sewerage). From these tariffs it is clear that it is much more economical to pay for water according to the indications of an individual apartment meter.

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