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How to calculate the material benefit


The material benefit is subject to compulsory taxation</a>

Material benefit is often equated to income received from the sale of goods, property sales, purchase of securities. But this is far from the case.

The material benefit is the savings on percentagesFor a loan or loan that was received from private or legal entities, this acquisition of goods under a civil law contract from interdependent persons is the purchase of securities at a price that is several times lower than the market price.

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Identify the material Benefit In the form of interest savings.The material benefit, expressed in terms of interest savings, is calculated as 3/4 of the refinancing rate. To date, CentroBank has set a refinancing rate of 8%. Thus, the minimum material benefit may be 8% * 3/4 ​​= 6%. In other words, if an individual issues a loan for 6% or less per contract, then he has a material Benefit.


Identify the material Benefit From the purchase of goods.The material benefit, which is expressed in the form of the purchase of goods under a civil law contract from interdependent persons. In other words, if the subordinate buys from his boss, the wife - from the husband, the trustee - from the guarded, the adoptive parent - from the adopted child, the price of which in the contract is much lower than the market price, the buyer has a material Benefit. For example, a subordinate bought a video camera from his boss for 6,000 rubles. On the market, such a camera costs 9,000 rubles. On the face of the material benefit, equal to:
9000 - 6000 = 3000 rubles.
For the received material Benefit In 3000 rubles the subordinate is obliged to pay personal income tax in the amount of 13% 3000 * 13% = 390 rubles.


Identify the material Benefit From the purchase of securities.The material benefit obtained when buying securities, whose price is several times smaller than the market, is calculated as the difference between the average price of securities and the price at which they were purchased by the buyer. Legislation establishes that such boundaries of material benefits should not exceed 20% in greater or lesser extent. It must be remembered that the material benefit, regardless of the manner in which it was acquired, is subject to taxation. The tax is accrued on the date of acquisition of the material payment and must be paid within the periods specified by the Tax Code.

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