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How to calculate the fat burning pulse

Pulse will help to lose weight

Did you know that at the time of exercise for weight loss, you can easily calculate the fat burning pulse?

During training measure heart rate helps control the intensity of the load, to understand at what point the body begins to burn fat.

Any person has the maximumpulse. There is a formula that you can use to calculate your heart rate, 220 minus your age. If your pulse is above this value, the heart has a hard time, and it is experiencing a shortage of oxygen and nutrients.

Work on such a limit in any caseit is impossible, as this can be very dangerous. But it is the value of the maximum heart rate is calculated and the necessary corridor heart rate during a workout.

During this period, the heart beats with a frequency that provides a sufficient amount of oxygen, resulting in active carbohydrates and fats are broken down. Its formula is (220-age) * 0.6-0.8.

Further training Pulse rate dividedtwo conventional level. The first pulse is effective for burning fat. This zone is 70% of the maximum. The obtained average is 130 bpm + / - 10, depending on your age.

To part with excess weight,with pulse train should be at least 40 minutes, so as carbohydrates consumed in the first 20 minutes of exercise, and only then begin to split fats.

The second level is higher than 70% of the maximum, it trains the aerobic endurance and also burn carbohydrates first, then fats.

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