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How to calculate the cumulative part of the pension

How to calculate the cumulative part of the pension

In 2002, the pension reform was carried out, primarily to engulf future retirees.

For them, the pension will be formed of two main parts: the insurance - the minimum provided by the state, depending on the length of service, and funded.

The second part of the pension will be formed from a person's own pension contributions.

And in order to properly dispose of this part of the pension, it is necessary to know how to calculate it.

You will need

  • - A letter of notification from the pension hold funds
  • - Data on the length of service and salary.



Determine whether you are eligible for accrualthe accumulative part of the pension. It is formed only in men born in 1953 and younger and women born in 1957 and younger. The rest of the citizens pension will be formed under the old rules, as at today's pensioners.


If you are in the right age group,in accordance with the previous steps take you recently received a letter from the pension fund. They are sent once a year in spring or summer to your own address on the registration. Letters should come to everyone who works or has worked, so if you do not deliver them, ask for clarifications to the pension fund on a residence.


Find in a letter about your fundedpart of the pension. There should be mentioned two amounts - charges for the current year and the total amount for the pension accounts for all the years. You will need the last sum.


Select "retirement calculator" to calculatepay you in the future. It can be found on any website private pension fund, for example, on the website "Gazfonda" and fund "Lukoil Garant". It does not matter what your fund is accumulative part of the pension - all calculators work by the same mechanism.


Open the selected calculator and enterthe following information - your gender, age, current amount of savings in the pension account, taken from a letter from the pension fund, length of service and average salary. Also indicate the average rate of return of the pension fund, which is your accumulative part of the pension. This information can be found on his website. If you can not dispose of their money, they will automatically be transferred to the state pension fund under the management of Vnesheconombank. In this case, the profitability of your pension savings amounted to 7% in 2010.


When all the necessary data, click on the button"Calculate". The calculator will give you information on how much money you have accumulated for all time until his retirement, and what will your monthly Part funded pension. These data will be shown before inflation.

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