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How to calculate the cost of repairs in the bathroom and toilet

How to calculate the cost of repairs in the bathroom and toilet

How much will repair the apartment or house, including bathroom and toilet, in the first place depends on the wishes and possibilities of the host.

Whatever amount is planned to be spent, before proceeding to the transformation of any room, it is best to calculate the future costs in advance.

Less likely to make repairs in the bathroom and toilet, inThis is primarily due to the complexity and the long term this process. In addition, these rooms, despite its small size, require a sufficiently large material investments. Therefore, if you decide to do repairs in the bathroom and the toilet, then this should be taken responsibly, not to have to return to this issue again in a year or two.

In the bathroom and toilet repair is not worth saving,it's long-term investments. It is desirable to allocate the maximum possible amount of money, it will buy more high-quality materials for finishing.

What is included in the cost of repairs in the bathroom and toilet

With the right approach, the repair of any roomshould start with budgeting. Of course, when you contact the company to do the work of "turnkey", the calculation of the cost of services and materials provide ready-made, but it is necessary to consider that it would be far economical option. As the estimated cost of repair can be approximated with the help of on-line calculators at the end result is not entirely accurate. Create an estimate, and can be on their own, it's simple enough, the main thing do not forget to take into account all the nuances.

The calculations need to consider the following key points:
•; the cost of building materials (glue, tiles, pipes, etc.) -
•; the cost of repair workers
•; the cost of furniture and aksessuarov-
•; additional costs (delivery, garbage disposal, remodeling, etc..).

Calculation of repair in the bathroom

It is more convenient to calculate the amount requiredthe material in the drawing, which can be independently sketch by hand. To find the required number of any materials tiles, panels, adhesives and others, it is first necessary to calculate the surface area.

When calculating the amount of materials to the result is better to add another 3% as the error of marriage.

To calculate the necessary space to producemeasurements of each wall, ceiling and floor in all directions. Surface Area is calculated by multiplying the length by the width. For example, in the bathroom floor area of ​​1.5 m x 1.6 m is 2.4 m (S = 1,5 x 1.6 = 2.4). When calculating do not forget to take away uncultivated surfaces: door, ventilation, a place in the shower, etc..
With the cost of furniture and additional costssimple: the value of these components is necessary to know in advance from service providers and interior items. As for the repair work, the amount that they spend depends on the skills and desires of the owner. You can hire a whole team, which independently perform all the necessary work, or to find a specialist who can help with the fact that the owner does not know how.

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