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How to calculate the cost of CTP

How to calculate the cost of CTP

CTP insurance is compulsory for allRussian motorists, and therefore the amount of insurance in all regions of the same. Even if rates change over time, the principle of calculating the insurance unchanged.

And it is very simple to calculate this amount yourself in order to be fully prepared when entering into a contract with an agent.



Take the basic tariff rate. It is determined depending on the type of vehicle and its accessories a person or entity. Therefore, there is a table of basic tariff rates (TB). Say it a taxi, then the rate is 2965 rubles, which is more expensive than an ordinary passenger car (1980 rubles). This difference is due to the statistics of the taxi involved in an accident.


Determine the area ratio (CR). If you are an individual, it is determined by where you live. Moscow - ratio is 2, the coefficients for the other areas are set in the table area coefficients.


Set the number of drivers (Ap)using the vehicle. It may be that the list is limited to a certain number or not. This ratio is called - "a coefficient that depends on the availability of information on the number of persons allowed to TC management." If there are no restrictions - 1.7, if the number of drivers is limited - 1.


Determine the ratio - (FAC), ie age and length of service. If the number of drivers are no restrictions, the coefficient is equal to 1. Longevity is determined by the date of issue of a driving license. Comparative evaluation of factors: - a driver younger than 22 years old or under, length up to 3 years inclusive, the coefficient - 1,7-
- A driver younger than 22 years old or under, experience more than 3 years - 1,3
- The driver over 22 years of experience and 3 years old - 1.5
- The driver over 22 years experience of over 3 years - 1,0.Esli allowed several people with certain requirements, then the basis of a maximum rate.


Calculate the rate of - (Km), which dependsengine power or horsepower or kilowatts. Power is indicated in the vehicle passport or certificate of registration. The distribution coefficients of power - up to 50 hp factor is - 0.6-
- 51 - 70 hp factor is - 0,9-
- 71 - 100 factor is equal - 1,0
- 101 - 120 factor is - 1,2-
- 121 - 150 factor is equal - 1,4
- 151 - 1.6.


Determine the ratio - (MSC), which depends on whether or not the payments CTP. There are certain classes of insurance: - the first year of insurance - Grade 3, the coefficient 1.
- For every year without insurance payments, ie, no accidents, etc. class increases by one degree and is a discount of 5% .Posledny class 13, the coefficient of 0.5. Upper class - "M" factor is 2.45. When a contract for 1 year, the cost of insurance CTP = TB? Ko? Km? CF? Rm? KBM.

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