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How do you calculate the cost of highlighting the cabin

How to calculate the cost of highlighting the cabin

The cost of highlighting the cabin is calculated based on the price per gram of powder.

The longer and thicker hair, the greater the flow of powder and oxidizer, and thus the cost of the procedure.

Hair is an integral part of the imageeach person, so they require regular maintenance. Rain, snow, dust, wind, sun and various chemicals adversely affect the condition of the hair, so today hairdressers and stylists around the world are increasingly being developed procedures for recovery. Even today, the staining procedure can not be compared with the same procedure 20 th century: today, being the burning brunette, you can get a nice, natural blonde, without prejudice to their hair, and this can help in highlighting procedure.

Types of dyeing

, Highlights, as a few years ago, remainsthe most popular procedure of hair coloring. The popularity of this method lies in its simplicity and remarkable brightness of images that are created by the actions of the master. Depending on the aim pursued, hair length and structure of the stylist can offer the customer highlighting "cap", which is ideal for the hair of medium length light brown color. Highlighting "foil" is best applied to long hair, as a result, you can get a beautiful blonde, which will emphasize the play of light in long strands. Owners can choose curly hair weave "rime", the ability to isolate soft curls. Glazing allows to paint the tips of straight hair.

How do you calculate the price of the service

; The price of this service is not much differentonly within the same city, but one area. Everything depends on the qualifications of the master - the price range, below which it is not for this work will be taken. Oh, and most importantly - the base cost will depend on the hair length and thickness. The powder, which is mixed with an oxidizing agent and is applied to the hair, are measured in grams, the price of one gram of one manufacturer may differ materially from the prices of another producer. It all depends on the quality of the composition and "untwisted" brand. For example, in large cities, one gram of the powder in the cabin can cost 50-100 rubles, and at the periphery 25. Accordingly, the master of high qualification in a major metropolis can request for their service to 5,000 rubles, and in the province of 500-1000 rubles.
; If the client wishes to process clarifiedhair mask with a therapeutic effect, or the system against hair loss, the cost of the procedure will increase substantially. The same goes for a massage of the head and placing a thermal protector fluid. On average, the highlights on short hair in the province could cost 1,500 rubles, in large metropolitan areas in 3000 rubles. The same procedure to medium hair in the province can cost 2000-2500 rubles, 5000 in the city.

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