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How to calculate the cost of foundation

How to calculate the cost of foundation

No one will deny that the calculation of the necessary material for the construction of the foundation - an important part of the design work.

Sometimes the cost of the foundation is being built third of the cost structure.

So, correctly calculating cash costs on a foundation, it is easier to determine, that will result in the construction of a house.

You will need

  • - measuring device-
  • - kalkulyator-
  • - Hank construction leski-
  • - kuvalda-
  • - 20 reinforcing bars 0.8 metra- length
  • - Building construction norms.



Make the layout of the future foundation. In compliance with the current building erected SNIP distance between the wooden structure and the capital structure of the stone neighbor should be at least 10 meters. If the house is built from a neighbor, also wooden, marking the foundation of the neighbor's house is to be performed at a distance of 15 meters. Stepping back a suitable distance from the neighbor's house, drive the four corners of the reinforcing twig on the alleged foundation - it will mark the perimeter of the foundation. The width of the foundation walls make 40 centimeters. Measure the diagonal of the resulting rectangle: if the diagonal smooth, then sticks hammered correctly. Tension on the twine twigs. Calculate the cost of the preparatory work: the price of the fishing line used plus reinforcing rods.


After executing the markup typicallyproceed to excavation. Calculate the number of cubic meters of earthworks. To this end, the proposed depth of the foundation, add 0.15 meters (for a sandy substrate). The result multiply by 0.40 (the thickness of the foundation walls), and then the sum of the sides of the trench for the foundation with jumpers. Then, the result of (cubic meters of earthworks) multiply by the cost of one cubic meter of excavation - this value is taken into account in the value of the foundation in the event that any of the earthwork involved employees.


In order to fill the tape monolithicthe foundation will need the following materials: sand, shuttering boards, asphalt, rebar with a diameter of 10 millimeters for the reinforcement of the foundation, as well as a concrete solution. Calculate the required amount of each individual material and multiply this value by the value of the mother. To this result, add postage mother. Summarize the cost of purchasing the necessary materials.


Get a Quote workers offering their professional help in the construction of foundations. Calculate the amount of how much the work will cost you.


Summarize the costs of the preparatorywork, the cost of excavation, the cost of the necessary material for the construction of the foundation and sum of money to pay employees. The result will be the value of the foundation.

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