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How to calculate the cost of the foundation


How to calculate the cost of the foundation</a>

Nobody will deny that the calculation of the material necessary for the construction of the foundation is an important part of the design work.

Sometimes the cost of the foundation is one third of the cost of the erected building.

So, correctly calculating the monetary costs of the foundation, it is easier to determine what the construction of the whole house will result in.

You will need

  • - measuring device-
  • - calculator-
  • - coil construction line-
  • - Sledgehammer-
  • - 20 reinforcing bars with a length of 0.8 meters-
  • - construction SNIPs.



Make the layout of the future foundation. In accordance with the existing building SNIPs, the distance between the erected wooden structure and the capital stone structure of the neighbor must be at least 10 meters. If a house built from a neighbor is also wooden, then the foundation marking from the neighbor's house must be made at a distance of 15 meters. Having retreated the appropriate distance from the neighbor's house, drive four reinforcing bars at the corners of the proposed basement - this will allow to designate the perimeter of the basement. The width of the foundation walls make 40 centimeters. Measure the diagonals of the resulting rectangle: if the diagonals are even, then the twigs are correctly inserted. Pull the line with the twigs. Calculate the cost of the preparatory works: the price of the line plus the cost of the used reinforcing bars.


After performing the markup, as a rule,They start earthworks. Calculate the number of cubic meters of excavation. For this, add to the planned depth of the foundation 0.15 meters (for a sandy substrate). The result multiplied by 0.40 (the thickness of the foundation walls), and then by the sum of the sides of the trench under the foundation with lintels. Then multiply the result (cubic meters of excavation work) by the cost of one cubic meter of excavation - this value is taken into account in the cost of the foundation in the event that hired workers are involved in the performance of excavation.


In order to fill the tape monolithicFoundation, you need the following materials: sand, boards for formwork, glassine, armature with a diameter of 10 millimeters for reinforcement of the foundation, as well as concrete mortar. Calculate the required amount of each individual material and multiply this value by the cost of the given material. To the result, add the cost of delivery of the material. Summarize the cost of purchasing the necessary materials.


Find out the quotations of workers offering their professional help in building foundations. Calculate the amount, how much will work for you.


Summarize the cost of the preparatory partWorks, the cost of excavation, the cost of the necessary material for the construction of the foundation and the amount of cash to pay employees. The result is the cost of the foundation.

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