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How to calculate the cost of advertising

How to calculate the cost of advertising

Each company sooner or later faces the need for an advertising company.

Typically, advertisers want with minimum financial investment to get maximum returns.

But will such a promotion is effective, and how to calculate the budget promotional campaign, with a limited amount of money?

You will need

  • - The budget for the advertising company,
  • - Media plan.



Today, the most effective and costly is advertising on television and the "outdoor advertising" (outdoor advertising). cost of show commercials on TV depends on itshronomertazha density (frequency) distribution and the popularity of the TV channel. In order to calculate the ad on television, you need a clear media plan, which will make the employees of an advertising agency or channel representatives. cost of Outdoor advertising depends on the place of its location andthe size of the free surface. Fee for outdoor advertising will be charged on a monthly basis, ie you rent a banner and within 4 weeks post it yet.


If you come to the advertising companycreative, you can express yourself, laid in a minimum budget (not at the same time addressing the services of advertising agencies). For example, an expensive TV advertising, you can substitute advertising in the print media (newspapers, magazines). The main thing is that their themes resonated with the direction of your business.


Effective considered and radio ads. Its cost will be calculated according to the repetition frequency of your advertising message, the ether of time and popularity of broadcast channel that you choose. Determine with some FM-frequency, you need to make a choice in favor of the radio station you listen to your target audience and not be based on your musical preferences.


Instead of outdoor advertising can hire a promoter,which would be handing out leaflets in the street. Then you have to pay only for the printing of promotional materials and services hired employee (the calculation is made on the number of working hours). To the leaflets were not scattered garbage cans, part time invite some of his good friends, or control the process themselves.


Advertising on the Internet is also effectiveby promotion. Here you can place ads on pages with similar themes in the form of banners or contextual advertising. Determine the cost of this type of promotion is quite simple: divide the number of visitors coming to the site through your link to all screenings of advertising on the site.


Do not forget about such an effective advertisingmeans as sending commercial offers by e-mail. However, the newsletter should be carried out only among those customers who have already applied to your company and have given their consent to receive news from the company. Otherwise, your letter will be regarded as spam and deleted.

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