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How to calculate the construction of his house

How to calculate the construction of his house

If you want to get hold of your house, and that while it is fully consistent with your wishes and needs, then there is only one solution - to build it yourself.

But before you start to build a house of your dreams, it is desirable to know - how much it will cost its construction.



Calculate the construction of his house can beown or have recourse to construction firms. Before that pinpoint the basic parameters of your future home - the size of the entire house and the whole of each room, the height of the foundation, height and thickness of the walls, roof type and roofing, communications in the home. Then make a plan at home - alone or in a design office.


Then have a project on your hands, you can inviteprofessionals who calculate the cost of the construction according to modern building codes, and calculate the final cost of construction, taking into account current prices for building materials and prices for working. Since the calculations wizard will make based on their own pricing, it is desirable to make calculations in several companies, and thus find their way on the average price.


If you decide to calculate the construction of itsHome yourself, you can facilitate their work with special programs. At the moment, there are dozens of programs for design and estimate documentation. Many of them have a free trial period, so you can use them for their own purposes free of charge. But the program again will be considered on the basis of standard costs, which may be very different from those which apply in your area.


In some cases, you will make a bettera list of necessary construction operations and construction materials and know their prices in local construction firms and shops. So you can significantly save.


And the main thing - keep in mind that during constructionprices for services materials may become more expensive, so the budget must be built in the future to invest in the stock of 20-40 per cent of the estimated cost (depending on the estimated time of construction).

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