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How to calculate the budget to start an independent life

How to calculate the budget to start an independent life

Young people are often faced with the problem of parental care "nest."

However, not all as complicated as it might seem at first glance. In addition to moral issues, there is a financial burden that can hurt seriously burden the young person.

With the problems of help to cope correctly calculated the initial budget.


Without a doubt, for most young peoplenamely rental property becomes a key point in the budget of an independent life. If you were living with their parents, it is possible that you have not even thought about that for a roof over his head many have to give most of their earnings. However, you can reduce the amount of payment for housing with associated improvement in quality of life.
The average cost of renting an apartment in your area, or you can learn from realtors or listings sites (Avito, Olx, «Hand in Hand") in the "Leases" section.
Depending on the region, this amount can berange from 10 thousand to 50 thousand rubles (for a one-bedroom apartment). Naturally, your costs can be significantly reduced by sharing with friends, acquaintances or people looking for neighbors.


It is equally important to learn how to eat. Proper nutrition can be the key to your well-being, in addition, it will help you save. Weekly planning can be a simple one for the calculation of the budget. Once a week you can buy in the local supermarket products that are not perishable for a week (cheese, meat, fish, pasta).
Make a list of food, multiply it by 4 weeks. Weekly purchases will allow you to save time on daily trips to the store - it's better to walk this time. At the same time, and some require spending daily milk, bread, etc.

Entertainment, Sports

The young people from the age of entertainment candependent vector of development. The way you will have fun, your whole life will depend directly. It is advisable to choose such means of relaxation, which will be beneficial both in terms of development, and not will hit your budget.
Purchase an annual subscription to the fitness room or on theYoga can be a significant contribution to your physical and spiritual development. You can pick out such an option, which enables substantial savings when you pay with cash.


No less important to independent livingIt is to find the resources (time, money) to communicate with your friends and the opposite sex. Be sure to keep in mind in the budget article on communication costs. In some places can be a café, bars, a bowling alley and cinema. Trips to the exhibition and in the anti-café.
The calculation of this budget is desirable to produce graphsin the following way. Select several local "holidays" in a week, when you allow yourself to spend money. Write down the amount needed for a week, then you are able to calculate and monthly budget. Typically, communication costs are lower than had been calculated.

Programs for accounting

There are dozens of programs for doing homeworkaccounting. The most important thing in budgeting - honestly fill in the column "expenses" and "income". First, let you get a negative balance. What is important is the fact of awareness of their expenses and earnings. Practice shows that use home accounting software will allow you to significantly improve the material life, to achieve success in their careers and personal lives.

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