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How to calculate the armature

How to calculate the armature

Independent calculation of reinforcement and step between it can lead to disastrous final results.

reinforcing cage project with a precise calculation ofshape and design step should produce a professional architect in the design phase of the work, taking into account soil studies, the level of freezing, the groundwater and the structure weight, based on the materials.

Self can be calculated exactly how many fixtures you need to buy to build the planned construction.



The calculation should be made in accordance with the drawings of the project.


Calculate the length of all longitudinal reinforcement rods around the perimeter of the building. Fold their length.


The length of the transverse rods to multiply the number in the whole bunch.


Separately Calculate the height, length and widthside cabinets, which you bude strengthen the entire reinforcement cage. If your project foresees to install additional bearing mounting pedestals, then calculate their height, and the cross.


All calculations add up and divide by the length of the reinforcing rods.


In addition, it is necessary to take 2-3 rod. The calculation is made as accurately as possible, because if you calculate you will have to spend extra time to visit the construction base and bear the additional shipping costs.


If you do decide to install the reinforcing cage without making the project for reinforcement step, then draw your own installation project and make payment by the above method.


The longitudinal side rods need to be installed inaccording to the width of the structure. In the middle of the two outer rods to pass two more longitudinal. Step between the transverse joints must be no more than 20-25 cm.


But it is better not to risk it and do not make a separate calculation on his own project step. Incorrect calculations can lead to cracking of the building due to the subsidence of the foundation.

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