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How to calculate the annuity payments

How to calculate the annuity payments

Annuity payments - perhaps the most popular way to repay the debt, which is accepted in modern banking practice.

They are used in a totally different loan programs: cash loans, car loans, loans to small and medium-sized businesses.

Calculate the annuity payments is quite simple - you need to know the mathematical formula.



To calculate the annuity payments, You need to know three things: - the original amount kredita-
- Interest stavku-
- The number of compounding periods per cent.The first two are obvious and do not require explanation. However, with the amount of interest accrual periods to be sorted out. When the amount of the monthly loan extinction Interest Period will be equal to the number of months of the loan period. Therefore, for further calculation of the loan period is expressed in months.


If you want to calculate the annuity payments for a particular loan that is goingissue, then all of these numbers can be found in the selected bank. You can also figure out the formula and structure of the annuity payments on the example of any conditional numbers. To calculate the annuity payments, Substitute the amount and term of the loan rate in the following expression: P = UK? (I (1 + i) ^ n?) / ((1 + i) ^ n - 1), where P - is the value of the payment received,
SK - the sum of the loan,
i - the interest rate,
n - number of interest accrual periods.


Through self-assessment, note two things. Firstly, the annual interest rate should also translate into a monthly and express it as a decimal. Secondly, the thus calculated can transfer within a few rubles differ from the payment calculated by the bank. This is due to the fact that for greater accuracy bank divides the annual interest rate than 12 months, and the number of days in the year.

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