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How to calculate the amount of fabric for sewing

The calculation of the amount of tissue

The amount of tissue needed for the sewing of any product depends on its width, pattern and texture. When a complex pattern fabric consumption increases.

The amount depends directly on the style selected for tailoring (the presence of coquettes, welt pockets, detachable waist, folds), the presence of additional components in the form of collar, cuffs, belts.

Also, the size of the person for whom the product is sewn.

Lack of tissue will force change style excess - will lead to unnecessary costs.

Number of fabrics for dresses or blouses

The fabric width of 150 cm. By the terms of hips add on 6-12 cm of free encirclement, at 2-3 cm allowances for seams 1 cm on each side. Fit into the width of the fabric? It will be quite the same length on the straight silhouette dress. If you do not have invested, calculate the length of the two products with allowances. Calculate the flow fabric. dress length sleeve length plus. Add the optional dress hem and sleeves, seam allowances, to clarify the length (in the amount of about 30 cm). Next, determine how much you will need a cloth on the collar, pockets, cuffs, waist and other parts, if they are planned. If otrez meter or 120 cm, dress or blouse taken two product length.

When buying fabric look at the picture,texture, pile location, if it is long and combed to one side. Such tissue increases its consumption by at least half a meter to align with the cut desired pattern.

The amount of tissue in the sundress

Dress to the floor straight silhouette. The length is determined by the length of the front of shelves - from the top of the bodice through the upper chest and point to the expected product bottom. Add sundress hem, bodice processing, to clarify length. One length of the article will be enough, if the width of the hips plus free encirclement (6-12 cm) are placed in a 140 or 150 cm fabric width. Otherwise the product will need two lengths plus the processing gain.
Long dress with detachable waist. Opredelitobem tissue can be so. The length of the skirt from the waist to the bottom of the product, plus the height of the bodice, hem plus, plus an adjustment of length. If the bodice cut out whole, to the length of the skirt hem sundress plus add height of the pattern on the bodice details, plus tolerances, and a binder. For wide skirt sundress may need to buy fabric at the rate of two-length skirt plus cloth bodice, plus a binder and hem.

The amount of tissue to skirt

Direct classic skirt. When the fabric width of 150 cm, only one length, add allowances for processing the upper and lower sections, plus the width of the zone of 10-12 cm. This calculation approach, permitting hips (considered as for the dress). One length skirt will be enough when the width of the hips 88-104 cm. If you have hips wider, it is necessary to take the two-length skirt plus processing the upper and lower sections of the article.
To skirt the sun longer have to buy fabric. If the width of the fabric fits the length of skirts and the estimated radius of the inner circle, plus filing, you can buy two length and diameter of the recess waist. The inner radius is considered as the waist circumference divided by 2PI. If the fabric is 100-120 cm, four lengths and two waist diameter of the recess.

Before smetyvaniem skirt sun-hanga cut parts a day, securing the waist to the dryer, and bottom wedges future skirts hang clothes pegs for stretching. Then again, measure the length of the product.

The amount of tissue in the pants

For the same length trousers cut at 150 cm widthrather, if the width of your hips no more than 92 cm. Add to them 25-30 cm to cut more parts and a binder. If the circumference of the hips 94 cm, more than a meter and a meter, you need to buy a half-length pants with the addition of a binder. If the width of the fabric is less than 140 cm, will need to buy two lengths of products plus a binder.
When calculating the amount of fabric needed for the productremember that the cutting of any product is held in view of the direction of the thread. Then, the finished product will not be distorted, and there you will be able to go to the office. In this case, small savings can severely damage the quality.

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