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How to calculate the amount of concrete to fill the floor

How to calculate the amount of concrete to fill the floor

Concrete is a versatile buildingmaterial that is used to organize the bases, the alignment of various surfaces, including casting of floors, construction and support structures.

To most accurately plan your timeexecution of concreting works and to determine the exact quantity of material necessary to make calculations in advance to determine the required amount of concrete mass.



Most of the concrete structure is complexgeometry. This also applies to the device through the floor of the concrete screed. In order to facilitate the concrete volume calculation for this, break the whole structure into simpler parts. This will significantly increase the speed of calculation. If you plan to use reinforcing elements that make up not less than five per cent of the fill volume, this error can be safely attributed to the mounting losses, and therefore take it into account is not necessary.


floor screed allows to align the cover forfurther decoration. The thickness of the screed according to the grade of concrete can be from 40 to 100 mm. The thinner screed is subject to premature cracking and thicker - long drying.


Calculation of concrete obemy for pouring the floor should be approached with great responsibility, as a lack of material can adversely affect the quality of construction being built.


If the screed is laid on a flat,a horizontal surface, the volume of the concrete calculation using the following formula: V = S x H, where S - the surface area of ​​the screed, and H - its thickness. For example, in the area of ​​20 m2 of space and screed thickness of 0.07 m, the volume of the mixture is equal to 1.4 m3.


Determine the volume of concrete can be another way. To do this, measure the thickness of the screed and the future floor space, and then multiply the values ​​obtained. Multiply the result by 1.02 coefficient of consumables.


To determine the amount of concrete to fill inkilograms, multiply the amount of concrete on the 490, as a result, you will learn how many kilograms of cement will be spent on the floor in your home devices. The resulting amount of cement multiply by three to get the right amount of sand. According to building regulations on one cubic meter of concrete mix takes 490 kg of cement.

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