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How to calculate the allowance trading

How to calculate the allowance trading

The question of setting a price for a particular product or service tormented almost every entrepreneur.

Its level should provide maximum business income not resulting in a significant drop in demand.



Determine the size of costs required forthe purchase or production of the goods sold. Do not forget to add to the sum of fixed costs: the rental of premises and fixed utilities, staff salaries, involved in the production and sale of products, advertising, etc.


If you know the amount of the costs, which goes onproduction or sale of one unit of product, you can calculate the volume of sales, which is required in order to buy the fixed costs. The calculations do not forget that the market may have its limitations, therefore, not always you will be able to sell the quantity of products which have conceived at a certain level allowance.


Different groups may have different goodsthe level of premiums. Thus, high-quality, exclusive, rare goods acquired customers usually has a large margin. Allowance for food, consumer items should not be high.


When setting a price is necessary to focus on your competitors. To sell more, make allowance somewhat lower. But do not get too carried away, because the consumer psychology can play a cruel joke with you, as they will no longer buy your products, linking its low price, low quality.


Dimensions of discounts for regular customers and the costs of the various actions and lotteries it is also desirable to include in the allowance tovar.Tozhe to be done and the payers of the tax, which is calculated according to the amount of speed.

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