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How to calculate the allowance upon dismissal


The process of calculating an employee upon dismissal consists of several items</a>

Through the procedure of dismissal, surely passed every able-bodied citizen.

Dismissal is a painstaking process aimed at ending the relationship between the employee (specialist) and the employer.

During this period of time, the employer is obliged to make a final settlement with his now-former subordinate.

You will need

  • Staff schedule, vacation schedule, calculator, payroll data for the last year



Calculate the salary of the employee for the lastWage period. The employer must pay wages for the actually worked time interval from the date of the last salary to the time of dismissal. It is necessary to accept In view of days off, sick leave, non-attendance, non-attendance and other days (shifts), in which the employee (specialist) did not appear in the workplace.


Determine the amount of compensation for the dismissedThe employer needs to calculate the amount of compensation for unused due leave and leave. To calculate this parameter take into account the length of the employee, and the number of unused, but due leave days, and the number of days worked for the year (shifts).


Calculate severance pay for the employee.The employer is obliged to pay in addition the severance pay, which is provided for by legislative acts. When the enterprise is liquidated or when the staff in the organization is reduced, the employer ensures payment of severance pay in the amount of the average monthly earnings. The severance pay must be paid irrespective of the term of employment of the dismissed employee.


Calculate the average monthly salary of an employee.In addition, the employer must pay an amount equal to the average monthly earnings for two consecutive months after the dismissal or until official employment.


Add up all the amounts received.All payments should be made within the time limits established by law, and in particular the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and the employment contract concluded with the employee. The deadline for calculating with the dismissed employee is detailed in the 140th article of the TC of Russia, and the amount of output and other benefits is regulated by the 178th article of the TC of Russia. Payments can be made all at once or in separate parts according to the LC RF.

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