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How to calculate the power loss

How to calculate the power loss

Modern electricity meters are not only able to fulfill its account, but also have the opportunity to implement a number of additional functions.

However, to ensure optimum accuracy of calculations is still used a number of formulas that take into account all the possible fluctuations in the supply of electricity.



Use the evaluation methodology for the calculationthe total length of the network, which, though not is a model of precision, but it is quite uncomplicated to use. "How to reduce the electric power grid," Use the formula for the calculation mentioned in the last edition. Note that, given that a significant portion of the branch line are transmission lines, the loss can be calculated only for one of them.


Determine whether to enter into the counter indication of the need toadjusting the calculation of the change in the current mode or it is already included in the program. Constants of electricity losses in the counter input is not necessary, as the real losses can exceed the specified values.


Perform the actual temperature correction for the wires, as their resistance depends on it directly (in CCITT specified calculations for temperature 20 ° C).


Calculate the excess temperature of the conductor with respect to the ambient temperature, depending on the average current density during the billing period.


Make adjustments for operating and test temperature at their factory testing for different types of transformers (with aluminum or copper windings).


Identify the features of the account losses in the transformerwith the obligatory account of his space trip. If it can be switched off from either side, it is necessary to make operational records off places in order to correctly calculate the losses.


Consider the time factor in calculating the loss. Use the following factors (especially if you plan to calculate the energy loss only once a day):
- Downloads-

- Form nagruzki- schedule

- Taking into account the shift work of existing customers.

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