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How to calculate the extra capital

How to calculate the extra capital

Sources of venture fundsdivided into equity and debt. The financial statements are recognized in the balance sheet liabilities as accounts payable organization and equity.

Knowing the value of the loan capital, you can pre-assess the possibility of obtaining a bank loan company.



The lending practices of small and medium-sized businesses, many banks as the main factors that affect the final amount of the loan, use 2 indicator of balance sheet liabilities:
1) the amount of own capitaland kompanii-
2) the ratio of debt capitaland to equity and total assets.


The amount of own capitaland companies in most cases, can not beless than the amount of credit issued. This is the general rule of business lending: the customer can not take the risk is less than the risk of the Bank. However, with increasing competition in the financial services sector and the increase in supply banks and non-bank organizations have begun to use another credit scheme.


It is no secret that commercial companies that provide only services, as a rule, do not have a sufficient amount of equity capitala. As a consequence, do not qualify for a large loan amount. However, profits in business allows us to serve well for the requested loan. In this case, banks are much more important than the ratio of debt capitaland to equity and the overall financial condition of the company.


Despite the fact that each bank uses its own methodology for risk assessment, you can still identify some common analysis rules.
• If the ratio of debt capitaland a balance sheet total of less than 30%, and the financial situation is good - it means that the level of debt capitaland valid, and the company can apply for a loan.
• If the loan capital is own funds, should be givenattention to the analysis of trends in the company's financial condition. The variant capacity payable as a result of the deterioration of the company's position in the market.
• If the loan capital is more than 50% of the balance sheet total - isIt means that in fact the company does business "with wheels." In this case, the creditworthiness assessment should include a more in-depth analysis of business and deeper risk assessment.

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