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How to calculate the allowance


How to calculate the allowance</a>

Since 2010, there have been changes not only in calculating the amount of insurance contributions to extra-budgetary funds, but also in calculating benefits.

The new rules are set to settle and payInsurance premiums of compulsory pension, social and health insurance, therefore, there have been changes in the legislative acts that regulate the calculation of benefits.

You will need

  • FZ No. 255-FZ of 29.12.2006? On compulsory social insurance in case of temporary incapacity for work and in connection with maternity? In the latest edition, other by-laws.



Determine the average earnings of the insured personFor the last 12 calendar months (from the last insured), preceding the month of the onset of temporary incapacity for work, leave for child care, leave for maternity leave.


Determine the average daily earnings: divide the amount of annual earnings by the number of calendar days that occurred for this period.


Determine the maximum value of the average daily earnings by dividing 415,000 rubles. For 365 days.


Compare the average actual daily earnings and the average marginal daily earnings. The average daily earnings will be the smaller of the two.


Calculate the amount of benefits by multiplying the average daily earnings by the number of missed days for incapacity for work.

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