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How to calculate the grant

How to calculate the grant

Since 2010, there have been changes not only in the calculation of insurance premiums to non-budgetary funds, but also the calculation of benefits.

The new rules are set to the calculation and payment ofpremiums of compulsory retirement, Social Security and Medicare, therefore, any change in the laws that govern the accrual of benefits.

You will need

  • Federal Law № 255-FZ of 29.12.2006? On compulsory social insurance against temporary disability and maternity? as amended, and other laws.



Determine the average salary of the insured personfor the last 12 calendar months (the latter insurer) prior to the onset of the month of temporary disability, maternity care, maternity leave.


Determine the average daily earnings: divide the sum of the annual salary by the number of calendar days, which had for this period.


The limit value of the average daily wage by dividing 415,000 rubles. for 365 days.


Compare the average actual daily earnings and average daily earnings limit. The average daily wage is considered a smaller amount of the two.


Calculate the amount of the allowance by multiplying the average daily wage by the number of missed days of disability.

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