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How to calculate a pension


How to calculate a pension</a>

Labor pension, according to Russian legislation, is a monthly cash payment in the form of compensation to each person who has reached a certain age.

The pension can be paid by the state or a private organization, depending on where the accumulation of this pensioner was calculated.



The amount of the pension of each individual person depends directly on the length of service, on wages and on the enrollment of the amount of insurance contributions.


The size of the labor pension is calculated for men who have a total work experience of at least 25 years, as well as for women who have a total work experience of at least 20 years using the formula:
RP = SC х ЗР / ЗП х СЗП, in which
ZR is the average monthly earnings of an insured personPersons according to personalized (individual) records in the sphere of compulsory pension insurance or for any 60 months of work in a row on the basis of certain documents issued in accordance with the established procedure by the relevant employers' organizations or state bodies.
PP is the average monthly wage in Russia for the same period.
FFP is the average monthly wage in Russia for calculating, as well as increasing the size of state pensions, which is approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.
The SK is the trainee ratio, which is used forInsured persons (with the exception of persons with disabilities with limited ability in relation to first-degree work) is 55%, but this percentage is increased by 0.01% for each subsequent year of total work experience, but it can not be increased more than On 20%.


Thus, a woman is 55% established for 20 years of work experience, 56% for 21 years, and 57% for 22 years. But for 40 years and more - 75%.


In turn, a man in 25 years of service is 55%, 26 years - 56%, for 27 years - 57%. But for 45 years and more - 75%.


At the same time, the ratio of the average monthly earnings of any insured person to the average monthly salary in the Russian Federation is taken into account in the amount not exceeding 1.2.

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