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Calathea: grow home coquette

Calathea: grow home coquette

Unusual beautiful Calathea able to transform the interior and become a harmonious complement.

To look after this beautiful complex.

If you do not follow the rules of cultivation, the plant withers and can even die.

Calathea very demanding refers tocontent temperature. It is categorically not tolerate sudden changes in temperature, drafts and cold. If you have not complied with these conditions, the flower will give you immediately understand: the leaves begin to wither. The minimum temperature in the room should not be lower than 16-18 degrees. It is also important to note that the Calathea can not tolerate direct sunlight, since they burn tender leaves. In turn, the lack of light will result in a strong slowdown in growth of the plant.

Calathea requires proper watering regime. Use only to defend the water at room temperature. Self watering should be plentiful, but do not allow water stagnation. In this case the plant may die. Calathea winter watering should be less frequent.

Calathea - a tropical plant, and therefore requireshigh humidity. To create the ideal conditions for it, put the pot on a tray of expanded clay, flooded with water. Thus watch, to ensure that capacity is not concerned with the flower water.

Like other houseplants, CalatheaIt needs regular fertilizing. For her approach complex fertilizers, for some varieties better use of special additives for flowering plants. Make fertilizer should be started from April to August, twice a month. Calathea winter feed is not required.

Repot the plant is necessary every two years. For this use highly acidic soil and drainage. The soil can be bought in a specialty store and do it yourself. Mix 1 part humus, peat and leaf earth.

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