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Cake of diapers

Cake of diapers - it would take for him?

On the birth of a baby is any gift that will be useful for the little man.

In infancy, children need a lot. One of the most necessary things, which is used on a daily basis - it pampers.

Their leaves a large number, and they are always needed.

Therefore, a great gift for a newborn diapers will be cake.

It is clear that the main component of the cakePampers diapers are actually themselves. They must choose wisely. Keep in mind that every baby is unique and delicate skin can be prone to diaper rash. To avoid this, you should know in advance the parents kid than they are.

To build such beauty as cakediapers require assistants and auxiliary materials. It is mandatory for the cake needed basis. Most often it is a thick cardboard. From it cut a circle of such diameter that will fit the size of the cake conceived.

Fastening diapers are using ordinary clerical gum. Eraser should be strong and should not burst, to design has not collapsed.

Cake of diapers is done in several stages. To all the tiers have been stable in the center of the cake should fit an object around which will be exhibited diapers. As this subject can be high, but not too much volume toy or some means for a bath. bottle should also be high. You can also use a plastic feeding bottle, which in the future will be useful for the baby.

To decorate the cake require beautifulribbon, decorative flowers and bows made of fabric. To cake looked harmoniously all the decorative items must be chosen in one color. Just keep in mind that if the cake for a boy, you should use the blue range, if for girls - pink. As decoration, you can use a small toy, rattle, pacifier and booties. The latter can be put on the top of the cake.

Cake Ready to pack in transparent paper and tie it courtesy bow or bow of satin ribbon.

Cake of diapers - a very practical and useful gift for the baby. Also, it looks unusual. In the process, you can show any creative idea.

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