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CAKE from diapers


A cake of pampers - what will it take for him?</a>

At the birth of a baby, a gift is made that will be useful to a little man.

In infancy, children need a lot. One of the most necessary things that is used daily is the diaper.

A lot of them go away, and they are always needed.

Therefore, an excellent gift for the newborn will be a cake of diapers.

It is understood that the main component of the cake fromDiapers are actually the diapers themselves. Choose them with the mind. It should be remembered that every kid is individual and tender skin can be prone to diaper rash. That this does not happen, it is necessary to learn in advance from the parents of the baby, what exactly they use.

To collect such beauty, as a cake fromPampers, will need helpers, as well as auxiliary materials. Without fail, a cake is needed for the cake. Most often it is dense cardboard. A circle of this diameter is cut from it, which will correspond to the size of the planned cake.

Fasten pampers will be using a regular clerical band. The elastic should be strong and should not burst, so that the structure does not fall apart.

A cake of diapers is made in several tiers. To ensure that all tiers are stable in the center of the cake should fit some object around which diapers will be exposed. As this item can serve as a high, but not too voluminous toy or some means for a bath. The bottle must also be high. You can also use a plastic bottle for feeding, which in the future will be useful to the baby.

To decorate a cake you will need beautifulRibbons, decorative flowers and bows of fabric. To make the cake look harmonious, all the decorative elements should be selected in one color scheme. It should also be noted that if the cake is for a boy, then you need to use a blue scale, if it's pink for girls. As a decoration you can use a small toy, a rattle, a pacifier and booties. The latter can be put on the very top of the cake.

The finished cake should be packed in transparent paper and tied with a gift bow or bow of satin ribbon.

A cake from diapers is a very practical and useful gift for a baby. Also it looks unusual. In the process of work, you can show any creative thought.

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