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Cabbage cultivation secrets tight plug.

Cabbage, secrets tight plug is growing.

The most popular vegetable in the garden - cabbage.

It is rich in chemical composition, and so valuable in human nutrition.



To surely grow cabbage, should bechoose released varieties. The growth of the culture process should be borne in mind that loves cabbage light moisture. She cold resistance and is perekresnoopylyaemym plant.


Seedlings grown under reasonably harboredmaterial. The seeds in the ground in late April, early May. It is enough to form a groove in the ten centimeters deep. landing place humate spill and cover harbored material. Grown seedlings can seat by removing with a lump of land, or thin out by removing excess.


During the growth process, especially after watering orgood rain, the plants should spud. At this point, late cabbage already has 10 leaves, and early - 6. Privalennye plants acquire additional roots, and hence give power to form a tight head of cabbage.


Another secret of the formation of tight plug itmanure as a liquid feeding. As a supplement, you can use and fertilizer + boron. To cultivate cabbage is better in those areas of land where in the past 3 years did not grow cabbage, radish, turnip and mustard.


Basic care for cabbage is a constant loosening of the earth, watering, fertilizing and weeding. It is important to protect the plants from caterpillars and aphids.

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