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By what criteria were selected volunteers for the Olympic Games in Sochi

Olympics in Sochi - a global event

Olympics in Sochi have been waiting a long 7 years.

It started in February 2014.

The organizers, the creative team of Sochi residents and volunteers - these are the people, without which global event would not take place.

A memorable event in the history of Russia

2014 Olympics - a bright page in the history of Russia. At its organization a lot of effort, time, money has been spent. For the Russian team took the Olympics with a record number of awards. Medals received even in those sports that are not betting.
Volunteers - is an integral part of the Olympic Games. Without the help of these guys would not have happened. Selection of the candidates started a year before the grand event. Applications for participation are accepted till March 1, 2013. Of the 180,000 applicants had to select only 25,000 of the best of the best.

The volunteer should possess leadership qualities and be able to work in a big team, to understand the ideals and values ​​of the Olympic Movement.

volunteer centers

volunteer centers have been organized throughout theRussia. Candidates had to pass different tests out there, showing the ability to engage in dialogue, the ability to solve the most complex tasks and find a common language with people of all ages. Those who have successfully passed the selection, continued to work with experienced trainers in volunteer centers. Each participant received the necessary knowledge for the successful operation of the Games-2014. Volunteer meetings were organized in different parts of the country, conducted trainings. After all these events have only the warmest memories. The selection took place volunteers with an active lifestyle, sociable and purposeful.

Only thanks to professional help of volunteers, Russia was adequately represented by numerous guests from different countries.

Strict selection

In addition to volunteers from Russia to take part inGames were able to volunteers from other countries. All applicants have passed a serious selection process and several stages of training. Foreigners were required to have an idea of ​​Russia, of the Olympic Movement, welcomed the knowledge of the Russian language. There were also age restrictions. At the time of the Olympics a person must have been more than 18 years but less than 80. It required a good knowledge of the English language and the presence of qualities such as: stress, endurance, responsibility, dedication.

Volunteers taught the rules of rendering of the firsthealth care, talked about the history of the Olympic Games, given the lessons of the sports vocabulary, instructed about the rules of behavior at the Olympic sites. From volunteers depended not only the organization and staging of the Games, but also the general atmosphere of the event, the atmosphere of celebration and hospitality. Their work formed the grandiose perception of the Games in Sochi.

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