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By virtue of the circumstances may reveal a person's character

As the force of circumstances can reveal a person's character

Strong emotions bring to the fore the most hidden traits.

In an extreme situation demure can behave as a hero and darling of the public - to hide in the corner in fear.



The human psyche has not been studied. Scientists are talking about the basic reflexes, but only just. The psychological component is practically not available for study. For example, therapists still find it difficult to say exactly why a person's character so much is changing in extreme situations.


to truly know a person will onlychange of circumstances. It is under stress manifests true character. Therefore, one can never say that man a coward, or, conversely, a daredevil, before seen his behavior in an extreme situation.


Also, you can not know until the end, and your character. You can be sure that he would never enter the water until they rushed to save a drowning child. Or you are sure that they can get along with anyone, as long as you are not addicted to the room loud snoring fellow who throws his socks anywhere. Then you realize that your normal behavior rather superficially, but actually in the shower you are a different person.


Normally, people trapped in difficult circumstances,They will never become the same. They understand that the way they conducted themselves before, and they thought his character - superficial. They acted on the basis of the views of others about themselves, and trying to meet the requirements of the family. And only extreme situation could get out the real character of the man found out what a really is. And he was no longer willing to act on orders. Further it corrects behavior based only on their own ideas about how to and how not to behave.

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