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Buying an apartment in Moscow

Buying an apartment in Moscow

Buying an apartment - it is a very important event, especially due to the fact that it involved large sums of money.

Especially need to be careful when buying a home in Moscow. where more often than in other regions, it is possible to face the fraud attempts.



Refer to one of the sales agenciesproperty. In Moscow, there are plenty of them, and their contacts you can search through a directory of organizations or through websites. Real estate agent for you will be engaged in the selection of optimal variant of the future of housing, for which you will have to pay him a commission - 5% of the transaction amount.


If you do not want to spend money on feesestate agent, get an apartment on their own. You can use paper with a private ads and Internet sites devoted to the Moscow real estate, for example, cyan portal. To buy an apartment in a new building directly contact the sales department of construction company - there you will execute all documents, without additional charges.


Decide what kind of apartment and where you want to purchase. The most prestigious and expensive housing in apartment buildings in Moscow is located in the city center, within the Garden Ring. Further, prices of construction determines the time at home, as well as its proximity to transportation, such as Metro. lovers of quiet places and plenty of green spaces can recommend the purchase of an apartment in Zelenograd - the territory of the science city, though located away from the main areas of Moscow, from an administrative point of view, is considered part of the capital.


Find the money, enough to buy an apartment in Moscow. In Moscow, there are a large number of banks willing to provide mortgages to people who want to have their own homes.

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