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How to Buy a Yorkshire Terrier


Yorkshire Terrier</a>

If the choice has settled on the Yorkshire terrier, then something should be known about the particular breed of this dog.

Think ahead of the possibility of proper maintenance and care. The acquisition of a puppy is a joyful and painstaking affair, quite expensive.

But this little joy is worth it!

What you need to know about the Yorkshire terrier when buying.

How to properly care for a Yorkshire terrier
Yorkshire Terrier - decorative breed of a dogSmall sizes. A perfect choice for keeping in room conditions. It is a very intelligent and gentle being that requires the care and love of the master. Before you start a puppy, you need to learn the manner of york's behavior and the characteristics of the breed.
How to recognize a yorkshire terrier puppy
Initially, you need to determine the gender of the dog.
To choose a puppy of yorkshire terrier
When choosing a Yorkshire terrier, you need to carefullyTo examine him and observe the behavior, as he behaves among his fellow men. If too passive, it may indicate a disease, at best - a calm temperament. You should choose a healthy and active puppy. He must be playful and agile. Movement should be coordinated, the back while straight.
You can feed a Yorkshire terrier all your life with dry food
It is necessary to examine the puppy completely: Nose is usually black and cold - this indicates the health of the dog. The eyes of the york are dark and slightly moist, looking forward, the pupils should be black or brown. The skin is smooth and healthy, without flaws. The wool must be clean and shiny. She has a small puppy usually black with gold marks.
A serving of food for york
It is necessary to inquire about the origin of puppies for sale. A serious breeder should give enough information about the terrier.
Before buying an expensive pedigreed dog, you need to find out under what conditions the puppies were grown, their mother's condition, the pedigree. It is necessary to check the relevant documents on York.
If the ultimate goal of buying a puppy is pursuedHis victory at all kinds of exhibitions, then in this case one should buy a dog older and trained. If possible, consult a certified technician.
Many buyers prefer to make their own choice. But still you should listen to the advice of those people who understand this.
Puppies should be purchased in two months or three months. The dog should be vaccinated: this is evidenced by a special certificate from a veterinarian.

Where can I buy a Yorkshire puppy?

When buying a Yorkshire terrier followsTo reconsider no option to be completely sure of your choice. It is not recommended to buy puppies on the market or on an ad. There is a risk of deceit. There is rarely any guarantee of the purity of the breed or special health certificates are needed.
Prices for puppies may vary depending on the characteristics of the dog and the pedigree.
Usually these dogs are purchased in nurseries, special clubs, from private breeders.
To make a purchase successful, you should studyInformation, read the forums with feedback and comments. And based on this, you can make a choice. Details can be learned from friends and acquaintances-maybe one of them knows where to get a good puppy.
The acquisition of a Yorkshire terrier is a real joy. They are loyal and devoted friends of a person.

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