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How to buy a Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

If the choice is stopped at a Yorkshire Terrier, you should know something about this particular breed of dog.

To think in advance about the possibility of proper maintenance and care. Purchasing a puppy - a joyful and laborious affair, quite expensive.

But this little pleasure is worth it!

What you need to know about when buying a Yorkshire Terrier.

how to properly care for the Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier - a decorative breed of dogsmall size. Excellent choice for keeping indoors. This is - a very clever and gentle creature that requires care and love the owner. Before you start a puppy, should examine demeanor York and features of the breed.
how to recognize a puppy Yorkshire Terrier
Initially, you need to determine the sex of the dog.
choose a puppy Yorkshire Terrier
When choosing a Yorkshire Terrier should be carefullyinspect it and observe the behavior, how he behaves among their brethren. If you are too passive, it may be indicative of the disease, in the best case - on a quiet temperament. It is necessary to choose a healthy and active puppy. It should be playful and mobile. The movements must be coordinated with the rest straight.
Yorkshire terrier can be a lifetime to feed dry food
It is necessary to examine the puppy completely: the nose is usually black and the cold - it testifies to the dog's health. York's eyes - dark and a little damp, looking forward, the pupils should be black or brown. The skin is smooth and healthy, without flaws. Fur should be clean and shiny. It is the little puppy is usually black with gold markings.
food ration for York
It is necessary to ask the origin of puppies offered for sale. A serious breeder should provide sufficient information about the terrier.
Before buying an expensive pedigree dogs need to find out the conditions in which the puppies were grown, the state of their mother's lineage. It is necessary to check the documents to York.
If the ultimate aim pursued by the purchase of a puppyhis victory in various exhibitions, in which case you must purchase an older dog and training. If possible, consult with a proven specialist.
Many buyers prefer to make their own choices. But still should listen to the advice of the people who understand this.
Puppy desirable to acquire a two-month or three-month age. The dog must be vaccinated: this indicates a special certificate from a veterinarian.

Where can I buy a Yorkshire puppy?

When buying a Yorkshire Terrier shouldrevise any option to be completely confident in his choice. It is not recommended to buy puppies on the market or on an ad. There is a risk of fraud. They rarely provide the guarantee of the purity of the breed, or special health certificates are required.
Prices for puppies can vary depending on the dog's characteristics and pedigree.
Usually, these dogs become nurseries, special clubs, from private breeders.
To purchase was successful, should be exploredinformation, read the reviews and forums with comments. And based on this selection can be made. Details can be found by friends and znakomyh- perhaps someone knows of them, where you can take a good puppy.
The acquisition of the Yorkshire terrier - a real joy. They are faithful and devoted friend of man.

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