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Buy used truck

Buy used truck

The process of buying a truck has no fundamental differences from the acquisition of a passenger car.

You need to contact a specializedauto trading lorries, or to find a suitable option in the public domain: the print media or the Internet - at specialized portals and message boards.

You will need

  • - money-
  • - contract of sale-
  • - A package of documents for registration acquired a truck (your passport, purchase and sale agreement and the act of reception and transmission, MTPL policy, law, the receipt of payment of state duties).



Contact the author of the interestedads. Ask him in detail about the machine: technical characteristics, mileage, condition, availability of spare parts and additional options, the price and the possibility of bargaining.
If you are satisfied, arrange, when you can inspect the car.


If you do not belong to the number of experienced driversor machinists, specializing in the desired brand and modification is best done by a professional inspection. This can be your friend or an expert, offering such a service for a fee. There are companies that specialize in providing this service. But when choosing try to examine reviews on stakeholders other clients. If the inspection revealed no contraindications to purchase, arrange the order of the transaction and the transfer of money in exchange for the car. Until the day of the transaction the seller must remove it from the register in the SAI in connection with the sale.


The law does not require notaryassured buying and selling cars. Enough simple written form. The very model contract and the act of reception and transmission of the machine can be downloaded from the Internet and insert the necessary data to it. But the signatures under these documents is better to put in the presence of an employee GIDBB when setting the machine to register the new owner, ie you. Sign up for a car registered in the traffic on the site of the regional management of the agency or over the phone. Then you need to drive the car on the inspection of the site and provide a complete set of all necessary documents.

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