How to buy a truck


How to buy a truck</a>

The procedure for buying a truck does not differ in principle from the purchase of a car.

You need to contact a specializedA car dealership selling trucks, or to find a suitable option in open sources: print media or the Internet - on specialized portals or bulletin boards.

You will need

  • - money-
  • - contract of sale-
  • - a package of documents for registering the purchased truck (your passport, purchase and sale agreement and the transfer and acceptance certificate, MTPL policy, rights, receipts for payment of state duties).



Contact the author of the interested personads. Ask him in detail about the car: technical specifications, mileage, condition, the availability of spare parts and options, the price and the possibility of bargaining.
If everything suits you, arrange it when you can inspect the car.


If you do not belong to the number of experienced driversOr car mechanic specializing in the brand you need and modification, it is better to conduct the examination with the help of a professional. It may be your friend or specialist who offers such a service for a fee. There are companies specializing in the provision of this service. But when choosing, try to study the feedback on the interested other customers. If the inspection did not reveal contraindications to the purchase, agree on the order of registration of the transaction and the transfer of money in exchange for the car. Until the day of the transaction, the seller must withdraw it from the GAI account in connection with the sale.


The law does not require a mandatory notaryAssuring the purchase and sale of the machine. A simple written form is enough. The very model contract and the acceptance certificate of the machine can be downloaded on the Internet and inserted into it the necessary data. But it is better to place signatures under these documents in the presence of an employee of GIDBB when the car is registered with the new owner, that is you. To register for the registration of a car in the traffic police can be on the website of the regional administration of this agency or by phone. Then you need to drive the car to the inspection site and provide a set of all the necessary documents.

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