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How to buy used buses / y

How to buy used buses / y

The process of buying a used bus hasfundamental differences from similar transactions with other vehicles. Is that necessarily become its removal from the register in the military, and the former owner of the new formulation.

The rest of the typical algorithm of actions.

You will need

  • - Service dealership or search for open sources (mass media, internet) -
  • - contract of sale-
  • - An acceptance peredachi-
  • - A package of documents for registration of the vehicle in the traffic police.



Find the right used bus - one ora few, you can in showrooms and commission stores specialized in the sale of used special equipment, or in the public domain: the print media, where there is a corresponding column, and bulletin boards on the Internet. When searching for an open source contact the authors and ask for interesting announcements in detail about the features of each option: what is the mileage, the condition, whether the parts have, etc. If everything is clear and comfortable with, arrange a viewing.


If at all possible inspection together withspecialist - experienced driver bus or car mechanic. If you do not have such friends, please contact a specialized company providing such services for a fee.

In the absence of identified during the inspection of contraindications, discuss price, payment arrangements and the date of the transaction.

By the time of its conclusion, the bus should be withdrawn from the account of the seller in the military and the traffic police.


Visa notary on the contract of sale and actreception and transmission of the vehicle is not necessary. Enough simple written form, and with the participation in the transaction of legal entities (the seller, the buyer or both) a document certified by their seals. If both parties are individuals, sign a contract, they are right in the traffic police in setting a bus on account of the buyer.

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