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How to buy train tickets


How to buy train tickets</a>

You can buy railway tickets forStation, in a transagency, any other ticket office or travel agency, where there is a technical opportunity for this. But we must bear in mind that travel agencies and cash desks located in sleeping areas usually charge for their services an additional fee, which is not charged at stations and transagentia.

But queues in places where there are no fees are usually more.

You will need

  • - Passports of all passengers-
  • - money.



Contact the cashier and provide basic dataTrips: departure points (by default the same as where you take a ticket or the nearest railway station) and destination, desired departure day, type of car (SU, compartment, reserved seat, general), whether there are children among the passengers (and their Age) and beneficiaries. You can also name the preferred train number (for example, if it is cheaper or convenient in time), wishes on the tier (upper or lower) and location (away from the toilet, not side) of the seats.


Listen to the options that the cashier will offer you, specify, if relevant, the price range and other points of interest and make a choice.


Pass the passport of all adults to the cashierPassengers, birth certificates of children, and in the presence of beneficiaries - documents confirming their right to benefits (for example, a certificate of disability). Buy Tickets At all can and someone alone. But if you need to take them, each passenger will have to personally present their passport and, if available, a document on benefits and sign. In other cases, a power of attorney will be required. Pass Tickets For children their parents or other person can by proxy of parents and with the consent of both of them.


Wait until the cashier enters all the necessary data and will announce the full cost of the order. Give him the money, get Tickets And surrender and check the correctness of the information contained in the tickets, without departing from the ticket office.

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