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How to buy train tickets

How to buy train tickets

Buy train tickets onstation in Transagenstvo, any other ticket office or travel agency, where it is technically possible to do so. But we must remember that travel agencies and offices are located in residential areas, usually charge for their services an additional fee, which at stations and Transagenstvo be charged.

But the line in places where not charge a fee, usually more.

You will need

  • - Passports of all passazhirov-
  • - Money.



Refer to the cashier and let the basic datatrip points of departure (by default the same, where you take a ticket, or closest to the area railway station) and the destination, the desired departure date, type of wagon (SW, coupe, reserved seat, the total), whether there are children among the passengers (and their age) and beneficiaries. You can also call your preferred train number (for example, if it is cheaper or convenient time), according to the wishes of tier (top or bottom) and the location (away from the toilet, not the side) seats.


Listen to the options that you offer cashier, check, if true, price range and other interesting moments and make a selection.


Tell the cashier of the passport of all adultspassengers, birth certificates of children, and in the presence of beneficiaries - confirming their right to benefits documents (eg certificate of assignment of disability). Buy tickets may all one person. But if you need them to pass, each passenger will have to personally present their passport and a document in the presence of the benefits and sign. In other cases require authorization. To rent tickets for the children are their parents or other person in trust of parents and with the consent of both.


Wait until the cashier will enter all the necessary data and announce the total order value. Give him the money, you get tickets and delivery and check the tickets contained in the information on the spot.

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