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How to buy site

How to buy site

Today, there are many factors that indicate a particular site.

When planning the purchase of a resource, not to buy a "dummy", the user must be guided by these criteria.

You will need

  • Computer, internet access.



Factor One: The presence of website in search results. At the time of buying website you need to pay attention only to twosearch service: «Google» and «Yandex». To check the resource indexing by search engines, follow these steps. Open the main page of each search service, and enter the address as a request acquired website. If the URL of the resource will be visible to grant both the search engines, it speaks well for the fact that this site can be purchased. However, there are other factors.


Quality content to share. Content - text and multimedia content pages website. In this case, the resource estimate to be performedIt is for its textual content. Immediately it should be noted that in any case it is unnecessary to buy the sites, which is located on pages scanned (scanned books are converted to text format), copy-paste (content taken from other resources) and sinonimayz (content, building the program). It is also worth adding that the text content website It must be unique.


To verify the uniqueness of the texts downloadprogram «Advego» or «ETXT-antiplagiat". To do this, type the appropriate query in a search engine. After you install the downloaded program, run the application. In the place to insert text content of any page on the site. Press the start button of the program. Content is considered unique if it does not use resources other than yours.


Also important detail design will be purchased website. There are no any special requirements - low-quality resource you will recognize at a glance.

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