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How to buy shares on the stock exchange

How to buy shares on the stock exchange

Purchase of shares - is one type of investing for profit.

In addition, the action - is the most profitable long-term investment of financial resources. But we must not forget that the level of risk associated with the purchase of shares, is also quite high.

If you decide to resort to this method of investing as buying securities, should be aware of some rules.



Securities transactions may be carried outdifferently. If you decide to buy shares on the market, you will have to contact the organization that provides brokerage services. It may be a bank, finance company or brokerage firm.


Passing the broker will not be able, as inaccordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation is not a natural person has the right to declare a stock exchange prices for the purchase or sale of securities, which are the shares.


First you need to open a brokerage account and the accountDepot service that pays commission. Passing exchange possible, but will have to enter into a contract of sale and report on their investments registrar who keeps records of ownership of securities.


The purchase of shares on the stock exchange deals with a broker,which acts as an intermediary and acts according to your order. Therefore, the responsibility for successful or unsuccessful investment still lies on you. In addition to buying and selling shares of the broker is required to submit a report on the execution of your orders, to transfer dividends, issuing cash or transfer to the bank account of the profit from operations with securities.

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