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How to buy shares in Ukraine


How to buy shares in Ukraine</a>

After the crisis, many Ukrainians began to take care of the possibility of obtaining additional earnings, while not all are ready to do this for physical effort.

The population is now increasingly finding a solution to its problems in acquiring shares and getting profits from them.



Select several securities traders. It can be banks or specialized firms that have been licensed by the State Commission for Securities and the Stock Market of Ukraine. Visit the website of the State Commission for Securities and Stock Market www.ssmsc.gov.ua and find out the lists and addresses of the most convenient enterprises for you.


Assign a meeting with the seller's valuable managerPapers and consult him on all questions about buying shares. Listen to the information on the current situation in the stock market and ask them to list the shares that, in the manager's opinion, are currently profitable to buy. Find out the commission rates of this merchant for intermediary services, as well as the timing of the order. Compare the information received from several firms.


Visit Ukrainian Internet resources with information about stock quotes.


Identify with the securities trader and shares,The owner of which you want to become. Sign the contract with the intermediary, provide a passport or other identity document, and identification code. Get a written consent of the spouse for the implementation of transactions for the sale of shares. Shares are common joint property, so a husband or wife may in court decide to invalidate a transaction if there is no consent on their part.


Add to the cashier or transfer to the merchant accountThe total sum of money for the acquisition of a certain number of shares and the amount of the commission fee stipulated in the agreement. After that, the intermediary firm will conduct all the necessary operations and provide you with a share certificate or an extract from the custodian's custody account, in which information about the crediting of shares to your account will be indicated.


You can buy shares yourself, but inIn this case, you will have to undergo several legal procedures. Get a notarization of the contract of sale of certain shares, execute the registrar re-registration of the rights of the shareholder, open the deposit account with the custodian.

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