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How to buy linoleum

How to buy linoleum

Linoleum is one of the most popular flooring - it is easy to wash, he endures mechanical stress, is not afraid of moisture.

The modern market offers a huge range of coverage for every taste and color. All these qualities are put to the purchaser of the question "How to choose the linoleum?"



When buying linoleum first lookattention to the environmental safety of products, to comply with all the standards of the producers. Ask the Seller presence of the hygienic certificate.
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& Nbsp- also need to know what you wantbuy linoleum - artificial or natural. Of course, the selection of linoleum is the best solution, since it & nbsp- environmentally friendly material. Color natural linoleum does not tarnish with time, has excellent heat and sound insulation properties. The only disadvantage of this coating - its high cost. Although modern & nbsp-synthetic linoleum & nbsp-also possesses good qualities, but because of its features will last only a few years. & Nbsp-


Be sure to keep in mind when buying the type of premises,for which & nbsp-designed cover. So, & nbsp-this will help the European classification for flooring. According to her, all the rooms are classified into three types:. Figure 2 are designated premises, 3 - office, 4 - industrial & nbsp-You must also take into account the index of the load on the cover, which is also celebrated figures: & nbsp-1 - low level of load, 2 - Intermediate level 3 & nbsp- - tall, 4 & nbsp-is a very high degree of loading. Look closely at the product label. On it you will find a combination of these digits. For example, for the office, these figures are Gen 3: 3, and kitchen suitable combination of numbers 2 March.


Important when choosing linoleum plays its durability. Note the top coat thickness. Than it is thicker, the longer it will last you.


Special durability gives linoleum polish,which is applied to the working surface. In addition to strength, the varnish is much easier to clean and prevents contamination. Currently, some manufacturers of products covered by special antibacterial coating, which in the case of contact with moisture releases silver ions. A silver is known to be an excellent antibacterial agent.

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