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How to buy land

Redemption of land - it is not always easy

According to the land law, citizens and legal entities have the right to buy back the land from the state, if it is not limited in circulation and not withdrawn from it.

Redemption of land - it is not always easy, it has its own peculiarities in each region.



A citizen or legal person may buy any land, located in state or municipal property, except:
1. withdrawn from circulation (eg, a military facility) -

2. The limited circulation (there are exceptions, because you can redeem these areas and in some special cases mentioned in the law) -

3. reserved for state or municipal nuzhd-

4. Do not be redeemed in connection with the statutory ban on privatization.

Any other land can be purchased from the state citizen or a legal entity.


Provided land (inproperty and rent) directly to the executive government or municipal authorities. These bodies provide land with preliminary agreement on the object location at this site, or without it. Without a preliminary agreement on the object location plots are available only to the highest bidder.


Usually, it is more convenient to buy the land, agreeing on the location of the property. In this case, the provision of land ownership takes place according to the following algorithm:
1. The person concerned is drawn to the executive authority with the application for the selection of land and preliminary agreement accommodation obekta-

2. The authority shall ensure that the choice of the land plot

3. works on his formirovaniyu-

4. When choosing a land plot informed the local population - the owners of the neighboring uchastkov-

5. The decision on the selection of land, is made the act of vybora-

6. is a contract of sale of land.


If you are not going to build anything, but simplywant to redeem the land, you will also need to apply to the authorized body, specify in it the purpose of use, the estimated size and location. The authorized body shall issue the applicant a land scheme, and that, in turn, carries out cadastral works and puts land and topographic surveys. The body takes the decision to grant the site the applicant. The contract of purchase and sale.


Remember that after the purchase of land ownership it is necessary to register with the Federal Registration Service.

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