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How to redeem the land


Buying out a land plot is not always easy</a>

According to the land legislation, citizens and legal entities have the right to redeem a land plot from the state, if it is not limited in turnover and not withdrawn from it.

Buying out a land plot is not always easy, in each region it has its own nuances.



A citizen or a legal entity can buy out any land plot that is in state or municipal ownership, except:
1. withdrawn from circulation (for example, for military purposes) -

2. Limited in circulation (there are exceptions, because in some cases specifically specified in the law, you can also buy such areas) -

3. reserved for state or municipal needs-

4. not subject to redemption in connection with the statutory prohibition of privatization.

Any other land plot can be bought from the state by a citizen or a legal entity.


Land plots are provided (as inProperty, and in rent) directly by executive state or municipal bodies. These bodies provide land plots with a preliminary agreement on the location of the site on this site or without it. Without prior approval of the location of the facility, land plots are granted only at auction.


As a rule, it is more convenient to buy land by agreeing on the location of the property. In this case, the granting of a land plot into ownership follows the following algorithm:
1. The interested person applies to the executive body with an application for choosing a land plot and preliminary approval of the location of the object-

2. The body provides a choice of a land plot-

3. work is underway to form it-

4. On the choice of the land plot, the local population - owners of neighboring land plots -

5. A decision is made to select a land plot, an act of choice-

6. Contract of sale of land is concluded.


If you are not going to build anything, but simplyWant to buy out the land, you will also need to file an application with the authorized body, indicate in it the purpose of use, the expected size and location. The authorized body issues the scheme of the land plot to the applicant, and the latter, in turn, conducts cadastral work and places the land in cadastral records. The body decides on the granting of the site to the applicant. The contract of sale and purchase is concluded.


Remember that after the purchase of the land, ownership of it must be registered with the Federal Registration Service.

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