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How to buy a piece of amber


How to buy a piece of amber</a>

It is quite easy to choose amber.

It is enough to pay attention to some of the most characteristic details that can allow you to determine a fake.

Going on a quest, it is advisable to have a copper needle and a piece of wool.

It is very important to remember that amber is inherently -Petrified resin with certain properties. For example, this amber does not smell without temperature effects. Counterfeits often aromatize, achieving an allegedly characteristic forest aroma.

How to distinguish a fake from amber?

Counterfeits for amber are made of glass,Plastic or from a copal (rather hard resin or unripe amber). Products from the copal can cost less amber, but not always. Therefore, the price does not give a clear understanding of what is before you: amber or a fake from another resin. However, digging is very easy to melt. Of course, this does not help in the store when choosing jewelry, but at least you can check the purchase after returning home. If you put a bead from a digger on a heated plate, after a short time there will be a very unpleasant drug smell, and digging softens even with insignificant heating, this amber when warmed smells like cloves.

To distinguish a copal from amber in the store, it is enough to rub it on the flap of wool: if a stone has accumulated a static charge, you have real amber.

If you drip a small amount of alcohol on the dig, a spot will appear on the surface, and the "stone" may become sticky. Amber does not give such reactions to alcohol.

Glass and plastic counterfeits are distinguished fromJanuary is quite simple. First, you can in an inconspicuous place to hold a stone with a copper needle. On the glass, the trace will not remain unlike the real stone. If you try to break off a piece of plastic fake, it will begin to separate, this amber crumbles in such cases.

Ultraviolet lamp can help identifyReal amber. Under her rays, a natural stone gleams blue. Imitations from a digal, ambroid or other artificial resin glow white or any other shade.

Artificial pitches or amber?

You can determine whether this is real amber,With the help of salt water. Natural is light in weight. If you dissolve in a glass of water three large spoons of salt and throw a bead there, you can understand by its behavior whether it is of natural origin. This amber will not sink, but the fake will immediately go to the bottom. This method will make it possible to distinguish even a very high quality forgery from synthetic resins.

Insects in amber do not always talk about itQuality. If the fly flies in the amber are stacked, this "inclusion" was made artificially. Because of real amber, insects tried to escape, spreading their wings.

Counterfeits from synthetic resins, unfortunately, are often worth as much as amber. However, they are to the touch rather cool, but amber is almost always slightly warm.

There is another kind of fake - pressedamber. On the one hand, such amber, or ambroid, is very similar to the real one, but on the other hand, elongated air bubbles and stains of the dye give out a fake.

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