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How to buy jewelry made of amber

How to buy jewelry made of amber

Correctly select the amber is quite simple.

Enough to pay attention to some specific details that may help to determine a fake.

Going in search, it is desirable to have a copper needle and a piece of wool.

It is important to remember that the amber in nature -fossilized resin with specific properties. For example, this amber without temperature effects does not smell. Fakes are also often flavored, achieving supposedly characteristic of the forest flavor.

How to distinguish a fake from the amber?

Counterfeits are manufactured under the amber glass,plastics or copal (a pretty solid resin or immature amber). Products from copal amber may cost less, but not always. Therefore, the price does not give a clear understanding that before you: amber or counterfeiting of other resins. However, the digging is easy to melt. Of course, it does not help in the store when selecting decorations, but at least you can check the purchase after returning home. If you put a bead of digging on a heated plate, after a short time a very unpleasant smell of Pharmacy will, and copal softens even at low heat, this amber when heated smells like cloves.

To distinguish from the amber dug in store, enough to rub it on the flap of fur: if the stone has accumulated static charge, in front of you a real amber.

If you drop a small amount of alcohol on digging on the surface appear slick and "stone" can become sticky. Amber-like reactions to alcohol does not issue.

Glass and plastic to distinguish from counterfeitingJanuary is quite simple. Firstly, you can in an inconspicuous place to hold the stone copper needle. On the track there will be no glass in contrast to the real stone. If, however, from the plastic fakes try to break off a piece, it will begin to flake, real amber in such cases crumble.

Ultraviolet light may help to identifyreal amber. Under its rays of natural stone shines blue. Imitations of copal, ambroida or other synthetic resins glow white or any other shade.

Artificial resin or amber?

You can determine whether a real amber in front of you,using salt water. Natural is lightweight. If dissolved in a glass of water three big spoons of salt and throw a bead in her behavior can be understood if it is natural origin. This amber is not sinking, but the fake immediately go to the bottom. This method allows to distinguish even very high-quality fake synthetic resin.

Insects in amber are not always talk about itquality. If the wings are folded flies in amber, is "inclusion" was produced artificially. Because of this amber insects tried to get out, straightening the wings.

Counterfeits of synthetic resins, unfortunately, are often the same as amber. However, they are rather cool to the touch, but the amber is almost always slightly warm.

There is another kind of fakes - Extrudedamber. On the one hand, this amber or ambroid very similar to this, but on the other - the elongated air bubbles and clumps of dye give fake.

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