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How to buy in Citylink?

Shopping online electronic discounter "Citylink"

You will need

  • It is necessary to follow the link http://www.citilink.ru/?r=il00918258, register on the site!



go to the website http://www.citilink.ru/?r=il00918258
click on the item "Registration"


Select the city closest to you, enter your email address, password, name and phone number, enter a verification code in the picture, and all you are registered on the site.
Enjoy the shopping!

By registering


Choose products from the catalog, look at reviews,discussion. We confirm that the product is suitable to us. Click "add to order" is marked by a red circle, or if you want to make a purchase later, you can add the item to your wish list, marked with a green oval.
View pending items can be in "Wish List" marked in yellow oval.


The next stage of processing. Red oval indicated in the order 1 product, click on the item and go to this page. Check the selection of goods, namely, product name, quantity and value are marked with black ovals. The bonuses, which can be used later you will accumulate as an additional discount. 1 bonus = 1 ruble


Then select the payment method, shipping (if available in your store) or pickup, choose the delivery date.
Next, click "Continue".


In this step, we confirm the order.
All purchase is made. You will receive the order number on the cell phone and by e-mail. Will wait for the day of delivery and receive their goods.

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