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How to buy the dollar

How to buy the dollar

The best known way to buy dollars for rubles or another currency - to exchange cash in the bank.

In the presence of accounts in dollars and other currencies in the same bank, you can also convert money from one to another.

If you have a wallet in the "WebMoney" system in dollars and one of the currencies with which the system works, the transfer of funds available through the exchange.

You will need

  • - Cash rubles or other currencies, which operates bank-
  • - passport-
  • - a computer-
  • - access to the Internet.



Refer to the cashier bank branch by selecting onewhere program is the most profitable. Ask whether there is a presence of the amount you need, give your passport processing operator and the amount of sharing in these currencies, if the bank works with it (conversion will be implemented through rubles at the bank's exchange rate). Sign the necessary papers, proposed by the cashier, get cash dollars and check the accuracy of the calculation.


In the presence of your account in dollars, you canrefill it these currencies with which the bank operates, through its cash. The conversion of one currency to another will be made at the bank rate, which tells you a cashier. You are required to indicate their desire to fill up the dollar by making a currency, give the cashier money and passport check and sign the necessary documents and obtain a document on making money and crediting them to the account.


If you have a credit card and ATMfunction of making money, put into the machine card, enter a PIN code, select the option for cash and the dollar account that you want to fill. Then insert money kupyuroprimemnik or enter the amount from the keyboard, insert cash into an envelope and insert that into the hole intended for it. Money also will be listed from one currency to another at the bank rate. Please note that some ATMs may enroll only the money in the currency in which they are made. But this option it can transfer money to be available between their accounts, including different currencies.


If you have your internet banking log in to the system and perform the translation from the ruble of a dollar bills on by selecting the appropriate option and follow the instructions interface.


To transfer between own accounts, includingdifferent currencies, you can consult with your passport at the branch or call its call center and to report on their desire to make a transfer from an account in these currencies to the dollar and its amount.


If you want to transfer money in the system"WebMoney" from his purse to purse WMR WMZ (ie the ruble to the dollar), use third-party services exchangers. It is better to choose for this purpose recommended by the system itself (the list is available to authorized users in the relevant section). Select the most favorable terms and follow the prompts interface, go through an additional request authorization and perform the translation. Typically, you need to enter the numbers of both purses in the appropriate fields, amount of transfer and agree with the Commission for the exchange point services.

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