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How to buy cheap used / have a car

How to buy cheap used / have a car

"The car - not a luxury but a means movement", - wrote the classics of Russian literature of Ilf and Petrov.

Its machine allows to be more mobile, makes it easier for cargo transport, protects the public transport problems.

If buying a new car can not afford, you can buy a used car.

Russian boards

On a popular bulletin board (Avito, Olx) in the section "Transport", you can find hundreds of ads from sellers of cheap cars. At the service, select your city.
Each bulletin board has a stop price. Select sort "at a price" from the cheapest to the most expensive car. Now you can evaluate the technical characteristics and pictures of cheap cars. The ad is presented and the most important information for the buyer - the price, contact the owner. If you are satisfied with a particular embodiment, you can phone to the seller. Introduce yourself, tell you to Avito / Olx service about buying a car. Ask the details of why the car is sold so cheaply. If the price does not suit you, you can bargain. You can also postpone the auction to the car show, which has also been possible to agree on the phone.

portal Drom

Millions of motorists registered at Drom portal. Drom The site can be found not only thousands of reviews and comparisons, blogs motorists, but also an impressive amount of ads.


EBay Auction is one of the most successful services in the world. It is a popular shopping area with a huge turnover. Sold on eBay and used cars.
To purchase a used / have a car on eBay youIt needs a sum of money on a purse payment system PayPal. Note that if you make a purchase through the service eBay «auction», the system acts as a guarantor of the transaction, and you risk nothing.
As cheap foreign car you can buy forabroad, when buying on eBay can be a transport problem. It is desirable to deliver insured b / y car in one of the Russian ports (St. Petersburg, Vladivostok). Please note that the car will need to "customs clearance", to pay for her tax when crossing the border.

Auction bailiffs

Russian law enforcement system has"Shtrafstojanki" for violators of traffic rules. The machine can pick up only for a serious offense, in which the driver deprived of driving license: crossing double solid, driving while intoxicated, violation of which led to the accident.
During the stay on machines need shtrafstoyankepay - if the driver does not do it for some reason, the bailiffs have the right to seize the property. B / y car can also get to the marshals at the non-payment of a loan, mortgage, etc.
Auction Bailiff sells b / y car businesses and individuals. Starting price for this property is quite low.

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