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Many go to New York with the hope to get to Broadway shows and are unpleasantly surprised by the cost of such a cultural entertainment.

However, there are places where tickets can be purchased much cheaper.



Look on the Internet show, which will be shown Broadway theaters during your trip. Build a list of concepts, on which you would like to get there.


While in New York, look for TKTS booths. Price are often lower than the normal 2-3 times, and the place is very convenient. To find these koiski can be in Times Square in the Marriot Hotel on Duffy Square and at 46 West Street.


If you want to get on principleany particular show, the queue for the tickets it is best to hold for an hour before the opening of the kiosk. Sami TKTS booths run all week without holidays from 10 am to 18 pm.


Please note that credit card to pay atyou do not get: Tickets can be purchased only with cash or traveler's checks for. If, nevertheless, you need to pay by credit card, you can pre-purchase a special gift certificate online.


Do not worry if you play at the chosen did not have a ticket. Try to come back later, for example, one hour before the show, because sometimes pass tickets back before the presentation.

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