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How to buy cheap

How to buy cheap

The best way to save on the upcoming trip is to buy cheap airline tickets.



Look on the Internet or newspapers advantageous offers of limited duration. Usually these airline tickets give maximum discounts.


Many companies offer to purchase tickets foraircraft within the special kits for travel. Buying these deals, you can save considerably not only on the cost of the ticket, but also to stay in a hotel or vehicle rental.


Determine the date of visit, remember that the best days for a cheap flight are Tuesday and Wednesday, but the best time - the period from late evening to early morning.


Try to book a plane ticketbeforehand. The optimal period for the provision of passenger discount is 21 days. It is worth remembering that during the holidays, especially in the New Year, you must reserve a ticket earlier.


Most airlines offer their customers discounts for round-trip flight. Therefore, it is more expedient to buy two tickets for the same company.


Consider the option of buying a ticket through the company proxy. Typically, such companies buy entire blocks of tickets and sell them at low prices in order to increase occupancy of the aircraft.

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