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How to buy cars with mileage

How to buy cars with mileage

The reasons that prompt customers to buy a used car, there are many. The most common of them - the lack of funds.

And, of course, money to buy a car, it is desirable to spend their maximum potential.

That in the future as the people say, do not have to turn the steering wheel with one hand, and the other - to wipe the tears.



The process of choosing a car market begins,usually with a conversation between the prospective buyer and seller. In this case, you should listen carefully to everything that says the owner of his car. Particular attention should be paid to the way he talks. If car touted master "in every way", and theMoreover, when his appearance shine pristine splendor, this machine requires the most scrutiny. Perhaps for flawless appearance hides plenty of flaws.


The first step is to view the entries inthe service book of the car you are interested in. According to the number of marks in it easily turns degree of grooming machine, and if the book is not available, then it leads to the suspicion that car I took no maintenance.


Then carefully examine the body, without being distractedon the varnished surface. Explore thresholds, as well as front and rear aprons, doors and hood to trunk for repair chips, cracks and dents. Any spot in the color of the car suggests holding reconditioning.


Explore the roof. Maybe, car I operated with the luggage upstairs. This prompt paint scrapes in places of its fastening. Then checked the front and rear glass interior. Inspect the glass sealing gum in places of their connections with the body - any trace of worn paint on the seal perimeter may be due to the fact that car He was a member of the accident and rolled over.


Next checked doors that have opened and closed perfectly. Shaking her open the door up and down, taped backlash on their hinges. A positive result in this case is undesirable.


Note the treads of the wheels. New, "untrodden" tires is also an occasion for reflection. Because for tire wear with the mileage you can judge the state of suspension parts.


Next inspected units: engine, gearbox, axle. Any traces of grease leakage is unlikely someone will arrange, and they do not need you.


The last stage of technical condition inspectionthe car is a test run, during which the need to listen to all the technical noise and draw attention to its handling. Try to choose a drive to control a stretch of road that has an ascent and descent. While driving check the engine on all modes and watch at the same time for the exhaust gases. Blue smoke from behind the car says about the increased consumption of engine oil, black - on fuel consumption.

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