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How to Buy Bank

How to Buy Bank

If you want complete control over financestheir business, the bank will allow you to purchase to get it. Buy the bank is more profitable than to create, because you buy ready, running mechanism and encounter difficulties of establishing the bank.

When buying Bank should be given to the verification of his documents and register correctly.

You will need

  • Need to find or purchase the Federal Law "On Banks and Banking Activity" dated 02.12.1990.



Now, in contrast to the 1990s, the bank is easierbuy, rather than to create: creation of a bank can cost several times more expensive and many times turn out to be more troublesome business than its purchase. Creating a bank only by those who have no less than 180 million rubles: Now this is the minimum authorized capital of the bank.


The first step in buying the bank - the bank's search. To begin with buyer is necessary to formulate the purpose for which he wants to buy the bank. Then - to negotiate with multiple vendors banks for details and prices. Negotiations with the banks to help sellers understand more clearly your purpose of buying maybe see other objects and features and to formulate requirements to bank right. Do not rush with the choice of purchased bank.


The most important step in buying a bank - legalchecking his documents (due diligence). This check is usually entrusted to law firms with good reputation. Checking the documents of the bank plays a key role, so it is important to choose a solid law firm for this test, even if the services will cost dearly. You should also refer to the auditors in order to check the bank's financial condition and its financial statements.


The most common way to purchase the bank - buyits shares. Bank share should not exceed 20%. Otherwise, you will need permission of the Bank of Russia. If you do not get such permission, the transaction would be declared illegal. If you get 20% of the pot or less, within 30 days after purchase, you must notify the transaction the Bank of Russia. Buying a bank whose assets exceed 4 billion rubles must be registered with the Federal Antimonopoly Service.


In some cases, you can buy shares,Bank owned by shareholders, which will simplify the registration procedure: it can be completed in just a single month since you'll just have to register the new management of the bank. Typically, the bank registration takes up to six months.

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