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How to buy an iron


How to buy an iron</a>

Buy an iron today is very simple - in any store you will be offered many models with different capabilities. How to choose an iron that would meet all your requirements?

Let's try to figure this out together.



Sole ironS. First of all, pay attention to the type of sole irona. After all, the quality of the ironing depends on the material of the material. Currently, manufacturers offer models ironWith aluminum, ceramic soles, with Teflon coating, made of stainless steel. The most inexpensive ones are ironAnd with an aluminum sole. Advantages of such devices are that they are easily cleaned, quickly heated and cooled. But such ironAnd fragile, because of careless handling on their soles, scratches can appear, which will affect the quality of ironing. Also popular are ironAnd with a sole made of stainless steel. Such models are practical, easy to operate. The advantage of this material is high strength. In durability ironStainless steel is inferior to ceramic. Although the quality of ironing these ironAnd some of the best. Stronger are considered ironAnd with sintered soles. The best are by right ironAnd with Teflon coating. The quality of ironing, they significantly exceed the rest. The adhesion of laundry to the work surface on such ironAh it is practically impossible. They are strong, also easy to clean.


Steam flow. Today the most common are steam ironand. The most popular with customers are models with a horizontal steamer. They are much cheaper, and the quality of ironing they meet all the requirements. And models with built-in steam generator are equated to professional, therefore, they have a relatively high price. Such models allow you to iron a long time without interruption.


Power. Particular attention when buying should pay attention to its capacity. Irons are divided into three stages - up to 1500 W, from 1800 W, more than 2000 W. Of course, the quality of ironing depends on the power. But remember, the more powerful iron, The more you consume electricity. Although now many manufacturers began to provide special modes of operation to save electricity.


Cord length. No less important when choosing ironBut also the length of the cord. The most convenient for users of the model, the length of the power cord is from 1.9 to 2.5 meters. Also now available models with wireless connection. Such ironAnd do not have a power cord. With the network they are connected by means of a stand, like electric kettles. Convenience of wireless ironS is that the wires do not get underfoot.


Other functions. When buying, pay attention to such details as weight, handle ironBut, safety, the system of protection against scale. Having determined the set of necessary functions, you can choose for yourself the most optimal option.

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