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How to buy iron

How to buy iron

Buy iron today is very simple - in any store offers a variety of models with different capacities. How to choose the iron, which would meet all your requirements?

Let us try to understand in this together.



Sole irons. First of all, pay attention to the type of soles irona. After all of the material from which made the sole quality of ironing depends. Currently manufacturers are offering models irons with aluminum, ceramic soles, Teflon coated stainless steel. The cheapest of them - is ironand aluminum sole. Advantages of such devices is that they are easy to clean, heat up and cool down quickly. But these ironand fragile, due to careless handling of their soles can occur scratches, which will affect the quality of ironing. Also popular are ironand with a sole made of stainless steel. Such models are practical, easy to operate. The advantage of this material is high strength prochnost.V irons stainless steel and ceramic yield. Although the quality of the ironing ironand some of the best. More durable are considered ironand with metal soles. The best are on the right ironand Teflon. they are far superior to the others for the quality of ironing. Laundry sticking to the work surface in such irons almost impossible. They are durable, and easy to clean.


steam supply. Today, the most common - steam ironand. The most popular among buyers enjoy the model with a horizontal steamer. They are much cheaper, and the quality of ironing them meets all the requirements. A model with built-in steam generator equate to a professional, and therefore the price of their relatively high. Such models allow the iron for a long time without a break.


Power. Particular attention should be paid when buying its power. Irons are divided into three levels - up to 1,500 watts, 1,800 watts, 2,000 watts. Of course, it depends on the capacity and the quality of ironing. But remember, the more powerful iron, The more electricity you consume. Although now many manufacturers have started to provide special operating modes to conserve power.


Cord length. No less important when choosing ironas is the length of the cord. The most convenient for the user model, the cord length is 1.9 to 2.5 meters. Also currently available models with wireless connection. Such ironand do not have a power cord. With a network they are connected by means of the stand, as in electric kettles. The convenience of wireless irons that the wires do not get underfoot.


Other functions. When buying pay attention to details such as weight, pen ironA security system for protection against scale. Having defined the set of necessary functions, you will be able to choose the most optimal variant.

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