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How to buy an apartment in Ufa

How to buy an apartment in Ufa

Purchase your own apartment is one of the most important and anticipated events in everyone's life.

Many people think that the purchase of housing only consists of paperwork and collect the money, but in each case has its own nuances.

If someone perceives himself new heights by studying the legal and market details, someone will trust his business experienced "sharks" in the field of buying and selling real estate.

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - The money to buy an apartment or approved ipoteka-
  • - Money nedvizhimosti- agency fees
  • - Newspaper advertisement for the sale apartments-
  • - A computer with Internet access.



If the use of housing servicesAgencies should find out about the reputation and experience of the organization in the city of Ufa. The more good reviews and length of activity, the agency is more reliable. In addition to their services agencies help buying apartments offer private realtors. The best among them also must be selected on the reviews of friends and acquaintances, always with great experience and high quality work. Agents will help you choose the right apartment at the desired price and location. Will check the apartment on the "purity" and gather the necessary documents. Real estate agent is obliged to be always in touch, advise on issues of interest and maintain during the inspection apartments.


Independent search and purchase of apartments givesgreat savings of money, but a huge waste of time. Start search apartment costs with ads in newspapers, niche sites on the Internet, in ad units on the television, in the stands on the street, etc. Among newspapers in Ufa popular "Hand in Hand Ufa", "Bulletin of Real Estate", the "Property". Hundreds of announcements of sale of housing are located on sites such as ufa.irr.ru, avito.ru/ufa, v-nedv.ru.


When viewed from the apartment should pay attention toGeneral condition of property - plumbing, electrical wiring, heating systems, repair. It is necessary to clarify the presence of minors, incapacitated, are on military service or in prison equity owners. If so, it is necessary to require the relevant resolution with a resolution on the sale of bodies of trusteeship and guardianship or power of attorney in the name of the merchant from the other adult co-owners to sell the apartment. Also, people are married, must be notarized permission to sell the apartment by the couple (s). It is desirable to make monitoring of prices. The cost of apartments vary depending on which area is located in Ufa housing.


Already from the owners liked the apartmentshould be asked to show all documents in the apartment - a certificate of ownership, cadastral passport copy, an extract of the cadastral plan and the house of the book, paid receipts for taxes, utilities. It should also be clarified who bears the cost of processing the transaction, the amount of the deposit, the timing for the extract from the register and the complete liberation of the apartment.


If the documents are not ready, the buyermust leave a deposit. The pledge is a guarantee that the seller will not sell the apartment to another. Negotiable term collect the necessary documents and the day of the transaction.


The transaction takes place in the Registration Chamber of the city of Ufa, located at the address: ul. 50 years of the USSR, 30/5.

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